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What is "information, information technology, software and technical support"

Let us look at each of these concepts, if necessary, to order exactly what you need.

✶ So, the first is informational support, it is available in two formats:

  1. Free informational support, when the answer to any question you background nature is available in the queue, usually within 1 working day.
  2. Paid information support, when the answer to any question you reference nature are given immediately (after confirmation of payment), i.e. without waiting. It answers all those questions which are in the instructions to our modules or {SEO Store}, but you how busy your business Client once to go back and reread to find the answer. Are you willing to pay here and now, to our expert all explained in simple language without the queue.

What are the issues related to information support?

- These are questions about our modules and work {SEO Store} as a whole. For example: where the system displays the orders of customers? how to customize the output of landing pages in the mega menu? is it possible to bring 4 of the phone number in the header, so that nothing is distorted? is it possible to make 2 columns in the footer? how, for example, create a landing page using 2 filter values? ie is the answer to all those questions which are in the instructions for modules or {SEO Store}, but you have no time to look for them.

The cost of services paid information support:

  1. The answer is written with screenshots of the instructions - 100 UAH./250 RUB for 15 minutes or a full answer to the question, depending on what's going to happen faster.
  2. The answer is voice Skype TeamViewer (by controlling the mouse of your computer) - 200 UAH./500 RUB for 15 minutes or a full answer to the question, depending on what's going to happen faster.

The second type is information and technical support.

It can also be provided free of charge when the answer to an information technology question does not require additional analysis of the problem by a specialist. The main difference between information and information and technical support is that a programmer must be involved to provide answers. There are 3 types of information and technical support:

Free IT support. The answer to any question of an information-technical nature is provided in writing through a task accounting system or a system for recording calls by email or Skype in the general queue, usually within 1 business day. These are answers to questions that do not require additional study of the problem by programmers, designers and other specialists. Only ready-made answers to already known questions.

Paid information and technical support related to the installation of our modules on the Client’s website is provided at a special rate - 150 UAH / 369 rubles. in 15 minutes or for a complete answer to a question, depending on what happens faster. The service is provided by voice over Skype + TeamViewer (if necessary, controlling the mouse on your computer to make it faster).

Paid information and technical support, NOT related to the installation of our modules. This includes general questions on the topic of OpenCart, the development of online stores for complex technical tasks, the preparation of technical specifications with the Client and any other express help from the NeoSeo programmer for any informational and technical issues (not to be confused with software and technical support, where exactly our specialists are engaged in programming). The service is provided by voice over Skype + TeamViewer (if necessary, controlling the mouse on your computer). The cost of the service is 300 UAH / 750 rubles. in 15 minutes or for a complete answer to a question, depending on what happens faster.

To take advantage of free information or information and technical support, write to Or simply create the appropriate task if your project is already in our task accounting program.

The third type is software and hardware support.

As part of this type of support, programming, typesetting, creating an online store design, etc. is also provided, a complete list of services is presented here:

All services are divided into typical and atypical.

Services in the framework of software and technical support are provided in two versions:

Planned tasks - they are put into the plan by specialists after confirmation of payment, we proceed to implementation within 10 working days

Urgent tasks - the same day or the next, but at a double rate.

In more detail about how we work in the context of “typical” and “atypical” tasks: it is painted here:

To use paid information technology or software and technical support, write your question with the name of the required type of support at or chat on our website, and we will bill you, explain the next steps. Or simply create the appropriate task if your project is already in our task accounting program.

How is informational support provided? How to solve your question as quickly as possible?

To clarify as much as possible all the questions regarding the work of information and technical support, let's try to figure out:

1. What is the work of the information support department?

2. Why are the answers provided to everyone in a common order?

3. Why is it that the solution to your question is delayed for several days?

Information support is provided through a special "ticketing" system, which works as follows:

1. You write a question and get an auto-answer that we received it, it becomes the last in the waiting queue:

2. When the turn comes to your appeal (on average, on 05/07/2019 this is 1 working day) we analyze whether there is enough information to provide you with a complete answer.

And imagine if you wrote a request, but did not specify, and after what action an error occurred, did not provide access, etc. - we begin to collect the necessary information bit by bit, asking about all the nuances of the situation, and you (i.e. your request), each time gets back to the end of the queue (like new).

Therefore, in order for information support to be provided to you as quickly as possible, please make sure that when contacting our support service you have provided complete information about the error (all points are required):

1. Detailed description of the problem / question. Those. just writing "your module does not work" will not be enough, as we will ask clarifying questions, and your request will again be at the end of the queue.

2. What version of the module is currently used?

3. Attach images showing the problem itself, what is it manifested in?

4. Under what actions or after what actions an error occurred / the module stopped working? What work on the site or on the server was carried out “before”, or “in parallel”?

5. What messages did you receive during the problem / error?

6. What is written in the server logs? Attach screenshots of server logs (not to be confused with store logs). If you do not know where to see the error, you can contact the hosting TP.

7. Indicate the phone number, Skype login and TeamViewer code, tell me how you can be contacted?

When requesting to understand the problem of the module, be sure to provide:

1. Administrative access to the site control panel, if possible with administrator rights (often limited rights do not allow fully testing the problem), example:

login: admin

password: admin

2. FTP access (Server name (host); login, password)

Server Name (host):

port: 21

login: user

password: pass

3. Access to the database (aka phpmyadmin).

login: mysql

password: mysql


If your case falls under free support, you will receive a response from us, usually during the day during working hours. If in your case it will be necessary to look for a problem and understand “why the module doesn’t work exactly in your case” ?, we will ask you to pay the time of our specialists for a special, economical tariff.

Also, we recommend that you look at the FAQ section on our website. Perhaps the answer to your question already exists.


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