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Heads for goods in the Internet shop

Do you want your online store to provide successful online sales? One of the main stages in creating a profitable online business is the choice of products for sale.

You can sell almost everything in the network, but not always, you will agree, it will be profitable. In this article, we will tell you what to look for when choosing a product, and what criteria to take into account. The choice of the goods needs to be thought through, considering both your initial capabilities and prospects for promoting the web resource in the future.

Analyze the segment of the online store market

Analysis of the segment of the Internet goods market

To select a potential product for sale, you need to analyze the volume of a particular market segment. And before you decide on the choice of the product implementation, answer yourself to a few questions:

  • How much is the product in demand?
  • What are the conditions for its storage?
  • Who will buy this product?
  • Is there the same product in other online stores?
  • What demand is predicted for this product?

If you think through all the details and skillfully apply Internet marketing tools, you can achieve the formation of a large target audience and a stable income from sales.

Assess the level of competition and the dynamics of demand

The great demand for the goods is very good, but whether such a business will bring you a decent income is a difficult question. After all, there is a great demand and more market offers, which means that you will have many competitors. But you do not need to invest money in a segment that is not popular at all. Such an online store is not profitable to develop. We need to look for the best option, where now the demand is not so great, but there is a tendency for rapid growth.

Evaluation of competition and the dynamics of the demand of the Internet shop

You can analyze the dynamics of demand using the Google Trends service. With it, it will be easier to understand the profitability of the product: will this be a short-term trend or is it a trend that is gaining momentum and in the near future can form a new market.

Markup for product

Profit from sales of a product should be calculated in advance. To do this, it is necessary to take the price of the goods from the Internet store to the price for the same goods from the supplier. The difference will constitute an allowable mark-up. But keep in mind that out of the amount you also need to deduct the payment:

  • on the costs of customer service;
  • advertising to attract customers;
  • on official fees, taxes, etc.

Markup for product

The product, which initially put a mark-up of 300%, in the end can only bring 30-40% of the profit. Also, no one is immune from dumping from novices or large online stores that can afford to sell goods with a minimum mark-up. In most cases, it is more profitable to sell one product with a good mark-up than a lot of goods with a minimum.

Vendor Availability

In order to sell something, you must first buy it or do it yourself. Therefore, the availability of a good supplier base is the main plus in the work of the Internet store. The issue of supply of goods is very important for quality management of cases and for the availability of order processing. This directly affects the success of your business project.

Suppliers for the online store

When choosing a supplier, pay attention to the discount that it gives you. For a good result it is better to cooperate with several wholesalers, from whom you can buy the same goods on similar terms. After all, working with only one supplier is a big risk, it can suddenly stop its activity or raise the rate.

Start-up capital

For a successful start-up, you must have a certain amount of money. They should be enough for the purchase of goods and for small advertising. After all, if you do not invest in the promotion of the Internet store, then do not expect that it will be someone to visit, except you and the vendors you hired, consultants. Web-studio NeoSeo will help you with the promotion of the Internet store to the TOP positions of search results and attracting users.

Start-up capital for an online store

Product Dimensions and Storage Conditions

Engaging in trade, you need to think about the storage of goods, because this moment is also very important, and it can not be overlooked. If you sell large goods, then, undoubtedly, you need to rent a warehouse. If the goods of small volume, for example, covers for phones or costume jewelery, then for a start quite enough and a few meters on the balcony.

If you sell, for example, food, you should always adhere to the temperature conditions indicated on them, and also take care of the correct delivery of the goods. After all, if a customer receives a spoiled goods, then he will not make claims to anyone, namely the Internet store.

The problem of storage conditions is removed if you are working on a dropshipping system.

Seasonal demand

In itself, this quality is not bad, because all the people are prone to seasonal shopping, but you need to take into account the fact that the season will end, and the goods will remain on the shelves. And do not forget that the costs of maintaining and developing an online store are, as a rule, regular.

It is best to sell such goods, which will be in demand in any season and bring you a constant profit through the activity of the Internet store.

Seasonality of the demand of Internet-shop products

Period of relevance of the goods

This, perhaps, is the most important moment, which can lead to both big profits and big losses. For example, the price of a phone depends on the model range. Affects the price and the question: when will the next phone model be released? In this case, the previous model of the phone loses its relevance, and the price for it drops sharply. In this scenario, the online store is operating at a loss. By the way, the same costume jewelry and a year later, and after two does not lose in price, but, on the contrary, even more expensive.

Help in this case, a beginning start-up can Internet marketers NeoSeo Web Studio. They will promote the online store, and thus affect the number of active sales, as well as increase traffic. To solve this problem, you should contact a team of specialists from NeoSeo - and soon you will reach a completely different level of online sales.

Average check and repeat purchases

Both play an important role in the development of online business. It is necessary not only to attract the client to the site, but also to make it so that he wants to return. As for repeated purchases, they can be stimulated with everyday products: cosmetics, hygiene products, etc.

Providing repeat purchases in the online store

With regard to increasing the average check, it is important to use a marketing strategy: for example, an additional set. Very well working email-mailing to the database of registered customers.

Probability of growth

This should be considered at the initial stages of online business. You should answer the following questions:

  • How quickly can you increase the volume of goods, if it increases the demand?
  • How quickly can you increase the number of employees, if necessary?
  • Can you compete with other online stores that sell the same product?
  • Is it possible to enter another market?

We need to weigh all the pros and cons in order to actively develop their Internet business.

The growth of the online store

Simplicity of comparison

The easier it is for a potential buyer to compare your product with a product from other sellers, the greater the risk of reducing profit. In the era of high-speed Internet it is very simple.

Take, for example, a mobile phone: now there are many price-aggregators, which in a few seconds of analysis will give you the results with the cheapest offers. This balancing between profit and loss eliminates all opportunities for development.

Understanding product characteristics

Think about what you know best. Perhaps this is what it is worth doing. After all, selling a product, which you all know, can be very nice. Expert opinion is always very valuable.

By the same principle, look for employees. It is much better to hire one highly paid expert than several students who are willing to work for little money, but do not understand anything about this product.

Special offer

The uniqueness of the online store

In order to become successful, you need to formulate a clear strategy for doing business. No one needs another Internet hardware store. Even if the buyer goes to your site, then, most likely, he will return to the already "promoted" brand. To get your client, you need to surprise something all the time. Suggest:

  • free shipping;
  • additional warranty service;
  • free accessories and so on.

In order to become successful, you need to competently offer your proposal. In this article, we told you what to look for in order to avoid mistakes in the choice of goods. NeoSeo team wishes prosperity to your online store!


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