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What contests in social networks are best suited for an online store?

I wish to draw attention to your company attracting new customers? Or want to remind about your company, creating its positive image? Holding an interesting competition, no doubt, will revive interest in Your company.

In social networks most often you can see how different companies hold contests for their customers. Moreover, you can see how many customers respond to them and decide to take part. Be it the draw of small prizes or fight for a theme gift, such competitions are very popular among users.

Online shopping also can use competitions for their goals – increase sales or improve the image. They are relevant for almost all categories of business, working with clients. Contests draw users in, allow to increase the number of customers and their loyalty.

Hold contests on platforms like the company's official website, her blog, Facebook pageand email distribution. You can even hold contests on third-party resources, if the company budget allows it.


Often, companies use social networks to conduct competitions. It’s quite simple, it allows you to work directly with many of your clients, as well as get even more users thanks to reposts.

Of course, for the competition, the company must have a page and a decent number of users. Also, the page needs to be properly designed so that customers immediately understand what this company offers.

Competition Ideas

  1. Invite your friends. The aim of the competition is to attract as many friends as possible who are not yet familiar with the company. At the same time, friends should not only follow the link, but also put the company’s Like page and subscribe to it.

The gift is given to those who attracted the most users. Such competitions are advantageous in that they allow you to quickly advertise the site and increase the number of customers, while their efforts for a small budget.

  1. Take a picture. The company offers customers to photograph themselves against the background of a network store or with its goods. When all pictures have been submitted for review, a vote is taken for the best picture and the winner receives gifts.
  2. Come up with a comment. The company publishes a post, then encourages them to come up with funny or original comments. The winner can be determined by the number of likes or through voting.
  3. Competition for logic. A simple task is given, for example, a rebus or a riddle that needs to be solved. The winners will be the first few participants who will give the correct answer. The riddle can be associated with the company's products or its symbols.

Repost the record. Group members are invited to repost the page. Then the gift is won by the one who received the most likes from his friends. This is a simple but effective way to promote pages.

Competition Tips

Users must be sure that the competition is fair, otherwise they will not participate. To do this, randomizers and other services are used that allow you to avoid cheating when voting.

Competitions should not be held just for the sake of them. It is necessary to determine the goal that can be achieved with their help, and then already think how to achieve it. This will make all such events more effective.

Competitions for the online store: benefits and tips

You need to know what exactly is interesting for users so that contests attract them. If the topic or task is uninteresting to most customers, it hardly makes sense to publish it. Therefore, you should first study the needs and interests of customers.

Post your policies in advance to avoid disputes with customers. This will avoid cheating voices, controversial moments, quarrels on the company page. This does not have to be a long list of rules, only the most key ones.

If time is required for the competition, you should not delay it. It is considered optimal if the results are summed up in no more than two weeks. This allows users not to forget that they are participating there.

Always publish contest results, congratulations to the winners. This will allow users of the social network to understand how encouraging to be the winner of such contests. It also increases the loyalty of participants and winners.

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