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Installing the NeoSeo Module Product Tabs

Installing the NeoSeo module Product tabs

You need to upload files from the Upload directory of the archive to the root of the site via FTP.

After that, you need to go to the administrative panel of the site and select the “Add-ons” -> “Modules”

Next, you need to select the NeoSeo module Tabs in the product and click the “Install”

Next, go to “Add-ons” -> “Add-ons Manager” and update the modifier cache.

Configuring the NeoSeo module Product tabs

To configure the module, go to the “Add-ons - Modules” section, find in the list of modules “NeoSeo Product tabs” and go to the module settings

After that, the module settings window will open before us.

Options tab

There is only one parameter that indicates whether the module is active.

● Status - enabled / disabled

Tab “Tabs”

This opens the interface for creating tabs:

The table shows all current tabs.

1. Sort Order - Specifies the order in which the tabs are sorted when displayed, from smallest to largest

2. Title - Displays the title of the tab in all languages ​​available on the system. It will also be used on the showcase.

3. Status - Status of the tab, enabled disabled. It depends on it whether the tab will be shown on the storefront or not.

4. Button “Edit” (1 on the screenshot) - allows you to change the name, status and sort order of an existing tab

5. Button “Add” (2 in the screenshot) - Allows you to create a new tab for products

After all the changes, be sure to save the module settings by clicking on the “Save” button (3 in the screenshot)

Filling data into tabs

To enter data into the tabs, you must go to the product card from the “Catalog” - “Products” And open the product we are interested in for editing

After that, in the product card on the “General” tab in the required language tab, all additional input fields created for the text of the tabs will be displayed

It is necessary to fill in the required tabs and information from them will be displayed on the showcase in the product card

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