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Module setup Options products PRO online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

1. Module installation “NeoSeo Options products PRO”

To install the module “NeoSeo Options products PRO” should:

  • Go to admin panel and click on “add-Ons”->”Modules”:Модуль
  • In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo PRO Product Options” and click the “Install” button:Модуль 1Модуль 2
  • Go to the “Add-ons” -> ”Add-ons Manager” section and click on the “Update” button in the window that opens:Модуль 6

This completes the installation of the module and you can proceed to editing the module settings.

2. Procedure for setting up the “NeoSeo PRO Product Options” module

After installing the module, you must enable the module in the settings. To do this, go to the Admin panel \ Add-ons \ Modules \ NeoSeo Product Options PROМодуль 4

After that, you can proceed to the creation of options.

3. Creating options for the “NeoSeo PRO Product Options” module

Related options are created based on common product options. Therefore, you must first create all the options that you plan to use. For example, you plan to use the associated Color + Size option. For this, it is necessary that the usual product options Color and Size be created. To create common options, navigate to Catalog \ Options. And create the necessary options.Модуль 7

To create related options, go to the \ NeoSeo Option PRO DirectoryМодуль 8

Here it is possible to create related options that can later be connected in the product.Модуль 9

Binding options in a product and indicating the values of related options.

To enable related options in a product - go to the card of the necessary product and go to the “Options” tab, check the box “Use PRO Options”Модуль для Інтернет-магазину

In the form that appears, select the previously created related options.Модуль 11

Then set the value of the option by creating the form with the Add button.Модуль 12

Then specify the option values, as well as the price and balance for the option. If you do not specify a remainder, the option will be inactive

Enter price by customer groupsМодуль 13

Next, save the product and go to the storefront for this product

An option selection field and their values will appear in the product cardМодуль 14

To specify individual images for each option, you can go to the “Images of options” tab in editing the product cardМодуль 16

After specifying the images for the option, in the future, the specified image will be displayed on the window when this option is selected. Images can only be specified for previously created options in the product. An image can be assigned to only one option from a set of related.Модуль 01Модуль 02



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