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The service "Complex optimization of site performance"

What should I do if your site is slow? As a result, you lose both users and customers, and a lot of money. How can I fix this? Order the service "Complex optimization of site performance" from NeoSeo web studio!

In the age of high-speed technologies, users do not want to wait long for the page of your site to load. As a rule, your customers leave, not at all satisfied with the work of the site and, most likely, they will not return to such a web resource again. And this means that you not only do not earn, but also lose a lot, because every potential buyer is the money spent to attract it.

In addition, search robots are extremely negative about slow sites and lower their search rankings.

Site load time

How can I speed up the site? Undoubtedly, there are many tools and methods that will accomplish this task. For example, you can use the universal tool Google Page Speed Insights, which visually demonstrates the rating of your site. If you want to analyze how your site behaves when you increase the number of visitors, then you can also use such a tool as

What is the optimization of site performance?

Optimizing the site's performance is, first of all, debugging the speed of loading the pages of the site at all stages: coordinated work of the server, hosting, etc.

The goal of optimizing site performance is that queries must be performed up to 500 ms.

In general, the page loading in the user's browser consists of the following cycle:

  1. Server optimization: the formation of the site page.
  2. Hosting optimization: sending the page to the browser.
  3. Client optimization: processing the page by the browser in terms of searching and loading additional elements.

Important! If you do not have enough server performance, then first of all you should think about changing hosting. Very often changing hosting to a variant with an SSD-disk solves most of the problems with the speed of the site.

Optimizing site performance: basic recommendations

Experts web-studio NeoSeo gathered basic recommendations for those who have problems with the performance of the site:

  1. Hosting must be in the country to which the server is oriented. This will save a few hundred ms on the page load.
  2. All static files should be cached by the browser. This will save you from a few hundred milliseconds, to a few seconds when the page loads. Take into account the fact that the browser will not be able to cache all the images of the goods in your online store, but this is not necessary. It will be enough to cache even styles, scripts and pictures related to the design.
  3. Remove deliberately heavy components, for example, vqmod, which can slow down the operation of the site.
  4. Move to SSD-hosting with more powerful indicators (this can be cheaper than doing complex optimization).

Important! At low speed of the web resource it's worth making sure that the static content of your site is processed by the correct web server (nginx) and forcibly cached on the visitor's browser. If you have a lot of statics, then reduce the load on your server will help CDN-server.

Complex optimization of site performance: stages of work

Optimizing site performance

Complex optimization of site performance from NeoSeo web studio is performed in two stages:

Stage number 1. Basic optimization.

The main task at this stage is to find problems. By the way, some problems lie on the surface, for example, when you open the category page regularly there is a strong slowdown. This means that the problem is most likely in the code that is used when generating the category page. But sometimes the problems at first glance are not visible. It happens that in fact the whole site is slowed down due to the fact that at the moment the visitor opens a specific page.

The first thing to do at this stage is the installation of monitoring tools to fully control the situation. In addition, these same tools will later show us how well the problems are eliminated.

Within the framework of this set of works, the analysis of existing problems will be performed, and obvious flaws in performance are eliminated:

  • incorrect caching;
  • missing indexes in the database;
  • incorrectly designed queries;
  • incorrectly configured database server;
  • elimination of unnecessary code snippets, etc.

Naturally, in order to successfully perform their work, specialists of NeoSeo web studio will need access to the server:

  • ssh syring;
  • Routine mysql;
  • the chief administrator of the Internet store.

Very often this is where the performance optimization work ends. The result of this task in 90% of cases - the formation of the page within 0.5 seconds.

Stage number 2. Completion (stripping).

Quite often optimization work ends at the first stage. But sometimes it happens that the reason for the slow work of the site lies in those modules, the completion of which will take a decent amount of time for the programmer. For example, an incorrect filtering module can greatly slow down the formation of a category page. Therefore, if we can not eliminate all the problems in the first stage, we propose to begin the second stage of the work.

The cost of works for the first stage is fixed and is 500 cu. The cost of works for the second stage is determined individually, depending on the complexity of the problem that needs to be addressed.

Important! It can happen that the program code of the online store is already optimized to the maximum, and you can not squeeze out of it "another drop." In other words, productivity rests on "iron". This is a normal situation for Shared Hosting and cheap VDS. Therefore, the first thing you need to do with the sensations of slowing down the server is to move to normal VDS, it will be much cheaper than doing complex optimization.

Terms and conditions of responsibility for the provision of services

Conditions and moments of responsibility when optimizing an online store

Web-studio NeoSeo can not be held liable:

for the response time, 5% of the requests, which are peak due to system overload;

  • during the loading of third-party scripts, which can significantly slow the opening of the page by the visitor's browser;
  • for that time of the server, when it is additionally loaded with performance of something, like backups, background formation of site maps and other activity;
  • for the delivery time of the generated page to the end user (this depends heavily on its regional location and the speed of its Internet);
  • for providing the required speed on the ancient VDS; it can happen that you have to replace the server with a more expensive one;
  • for the degradation of site performance over time. In this case, the causes are external factors, such as: increasing the number of visitors, increasing the data in the database, expanding the functionality of the site, etc.

Also, NeoSeo web studio specialists will not be able to provide the service "Complex optimization of site performance" if your resource is running on Shared hosting or VPS with memory less than 2 Gb.

Always glad to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


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