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Configuring the module Payment for OpenCart

In order to go to the module settings NeoSeo Payment for OpenCart  you need to go to the section Add-ons\Payments\NeoSeo Payment (Figure 1)

The module has two tabs for module configuration:

  1. Parameters, contains two options: Status (Enabled\Disabled) and sort order.
  2. List of payment methods.

To create a new payment method, go to the List of payment methods tab and click the add button (Figure 2). The module provides the ability to copy payment methods (to quickly create a payment method based on an existing one).

The add (or edit) form itself contains fields for setting the payment method, namely:

  1. Title (in all languages ​​of the site)
  2. Description (in all languages ​​of the site)
  3. Ability to select a store to display the shipping method
  4. Minimum Order
  5. Max order amount
  6. Order status after payment (list of store order statuses)
  7. Selecting a geographic area to apply the payment method
  8. Option to enter cities to apply payment method
  9. Sort order
  10. Status (Enabled\Disabled)
  11. Ability to set the price calculation depending on the geographical area and the weight of the goods in the order

An example of settings is shown in Figure 3

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