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What to foresee in order to get a modern, "successful" e-commerce store from the developer?

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Of course, every owner of an online store would like his web resource to be always fashionable, modern, functional, and most importantly, that he constantly and regularly provides sales growth . It is possible that even 3 years ago you have all been so, and that development, 5 years ago quite enough, but neither time, nor technology , nor competitors are not standing still ...

You see, in the same Serpstat , that your competitors' traffic grows by the vast number of key phrases that you are rearing and they are already selling more ?! Do you see that competitors are advertised in Google Adwords and it is profitable for them, although you also tried it and you refused because it was unprofitable for you because of the high cost of the click?

Development of a fast online store

You also want to develop and win the best positions in search marketing and sales, but do not understand how to do it and at the expense of what?

The answer is simple - exactly you need Today do what you did not do before, learn something that previously did not know and catch up with competitors, but for this you need:

  1. Start to understand Internet marketing in order to understand where people come from to the Internet store, as it is interconnected with the program code of the Internet store. What is landing, SEO-structure, etc.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive audit of the existing online store.
  3. Determine for yourself where to move on and what will be better and cheaper to do

Option 1. Make dozens of edits to the existing online store to bring its capabilities to the level of {SEO-shop} or

Option 2. Since in most cases the old Internet store is cheaper to throw out than to bring in line with the current Internet marketing requirements, we recommend that you still order the ready-made software assembly, which we have already tested 10 times and which need only be correctly set up.

We have more than once convinced ourselves that it is better and more profitable to transfer goods and traffic from an existing site to a new one where everything works like clockwork than to try to implement everything you need in an old, barely breathing, crutches-coded code.

First of all, it will be financially more profitable for you to develop a new online store {SEO-shop}, taking into account all the current trends, the demands of search engines and Internet marketing, rather than picking on the old one. Guarantee: so it will be cheaper and more promising in terms of future development.

As Aristotle said: "Life requires movement," and for this you need to constantly move forward, Do not be afraid to change and adapt to the circumstances. We went many years ahead overcoming difficulties and here at last we have created an SEO-shop for all comers.

What is a modern, selling online store {SEO-shop}?

{SEO-shop} is primarily:

  1. High speed of loading of pages on all kinds of devices (a smart phone, a tablet, a desktop).Development of an online store with an SEO structure
  2. The ability to create an SEO-structure of an online store through the creation of thousands of landing pages for their narrow-banded query groups using an SEO filter.
  3. Full internal technical optimization of the Internet store from the first days of his life on production .
  4. Fast hosting and secure communication protocol.

The modern, selling Internet store {SEO-shop} is first of all the SEO-engine adapted to the demands of search engines, the SEO traffic generator and also the traffic generator from contextual advertising at the lowest price. {SEO-shop} is software code that is able to work the way a marketer needs to attract customers from Google and Yandex search is free or for the lowest price.

Creating a selling online store "turnkey"

A huge number of customers do not even suspect how they are mistaken when they choose "excellent fellow programmers" who work "for inexpensive" to create the foundation of their online business.

For you, as a business owner, competitive struggle for the buyer and for your place in the sun {actually} begins at the stage of choosing a contractor to develop an online store, from the level of understanding of the essence of Internet marketing by the developer, from the quantity and quality of the implemented online store capabilities for attract potential buyers in principle, and only then shifts to the area of ​​improving return on investment from investments in marketing, i.e. at design, ease of use of your site, etc. (factors that affect not the attraction, but already the conversion).

Very many customers are running for a beautiful picture, which they showed on the demo version and eventually get frustrated, because they forgot to think about how to bring people here. Remember , first you need to bring the buyer to the site, and only then, if the price is right for the users, they feel in a safe place, they are pleased and comfortable to be on the site, they make the most important thing - purchases. Therefore, if you are not a mega popular brand, we recommend first bringing traffic, lots of traffic that will be successfully converted into sales our ready-made version of the Internet store design. And when you are already working, please look at the development of individual design to sell a little more (it's about a tenth of a percent).

Provide sales at the stage of creating an online store

In order for your Internet store to successfully develop in the future, it needs to lay the right foundation right now, even at the stage of its development. The successful operation of the online store and your financial well-being will depend on many factors, but it depends on the developer:

  • how much your online store will like Google and Yandex .
  • how much your online store will appeal to the target audience - buyers.
  • how much your online store will be easy to develop, maintain and maintain.

All of the above aspects are implemented in an innovative product - {SEO-shop} from NeoSeo web studio !

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What is the peculiarity of a modern online store, {SEO-shop}?

The peculiarity is that such an online store includes everything necessary for successful promotion:

Development of an online store "turnkey"

SEO-shop from the web-studio " NeoSeo " is first of all a modern, competently developed and optimized sales tool, which provides the owner of the Internet store with easy retrieval of traffic and a high percentage of conversion.

The complex creation and development of an SEO store also, if necessary, provides:

  1. software transfer of data from an existing store (goods, articles);
  2. preservation of existing traffic;
  3. setting up web analytics tools.

The development of the SEO-shop simultaneously and continuously working marketers, programmers, web designers, seo-specialists is a product created on the basis of the best practice of programming and promotion experience. When ordering the development of an SEO store in our web studio, you can be sure that you get the best solution on the market.

Contact the specialists of the web-studio " NeoSeo " - we will solve any of your questions related to the creation of a modern, selling online store {SEO-shop}!


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