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How to increase sales in the online store on OpenCart with ready-made modules from NeoSeo?

You may have heard words like up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell, but don't know how they can help you increase sales of your online store or reduce customer churn. In this article we will explain to you the importance of these marketing concepts and show you how to use the modules from the web Studio NeoSeo you can implement it directly in your shop.

  1. Up-sell (increase sales) is pushing the customer to buy the more expensive version of a product than it planned to buy originally.

Example: a client wanted to buy a lipstick red color. But on the item card you put lipstick of the same color, but from well-known brands and a customer buys the same lipstick but more expensive. This is the up-sell.

  1. Down-sell (decrease in sales) will help in the event that the buyer wants to buy the product, but he has a limited budget.

In this case, the seller offers the equivalent of the product that is cheaper due to incomplete, less prestigious manufacturer or version.

Example: a client is considering leather boots from the famous brand but can't afford them. But when he sees there is the offer of cheaper boots in the same color and similar style, it is very likely that he will buy the suggested option.

  1. Cross-sell (cross-sell) – used to encourage the customer to purchase not only the main product but and item that complements the main one.

Example: a customer buys a phone and then sees an offer to buy a case, protective screen or an extra cord for charging. Client more likely will buy it all, because the background of his main purchase (phone) price of the case, screen and other proposed products is negligible.

How do you implement the up-sell in the online store for Therefore?

A good illustration of this approach can be a mechanism for product selection in the official Apple store.

On the item card, all of the major parameters that affect the performance of your computer, offers additional, more expensive, options.

This option up-sell can be implemented in the shop module from the web-Studio NeoSeo “extended product PRO”.

Implement upsell can be also placed in the item card unit of goods in which the goods are offered from the same category but a bit more expensive or with a higher rating. For example, on the popular Carter's website this unit with the goods with a large number of positive reviews has the caption “you Might also like”:

On the website the Citrus block to increase sales presented called “this series”:

On the popular site ebay block is similar, but more expensive, products in product card called “Related products”:

For the implementation of such options for up-sell web Studio NeoSeo offers modules “Similar products” and “featured products PRO”.

As you can realize the down-sell in the online store for Therefore?

In the popular Amazon down-sell is implemented as follows: products in the same category at a lower price are displayed under the heading “What other items customers buy after viewing this item?”

To implement this option down-sell will fit the module “Similar products” from web Studio NeoSeo.

Option down-sell is and offer discounts on the selected position, if your site sells expensive items or you very important to convince the customer to make the first deal. For example, the buyer added the product to the cart, but then decided to leave the website and close the page then he can see a message like this: "Want to buy this product with 30% discount?" Part of buyers will react to this appeal. Perhaps on a short-term profit will have a negative impact such discounts on first orders, but will increase the percentage of repeat orders.

To implement this option, down-sell web Studio NeoSeo offers a module “pop-UPS”message.

How do you implement cross-sell in the online store for Therefore?

This proven method of increasing the average ticket buyer, as well crossling uses Amazon, offering a block of additional products under the heading “With this product often buy”:

With the same purpose on the website rozetka placed in the item card unit under the title “Together cheaper”:

For cross-selling web Studio NeoSeo has developed the following technical solution: the module “Sets of goods” and the module “Together cheaper”.

Conclusion: simple solutions work!

Web Studio NeoSeo boasts many powerful tools for personalization and marketing that will help you sell more. Implementation of up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell with the help of our modules, only some of these functions.

It should be noted that using methods of up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell we can and must effectively match that perfectly illustrated by the above examples from popular websites.

Helping buyer to your online store to get exactly what he wants, you will not only make him satisfied, but also earn more.

I want to draw Your attention that the {SEO-shop}, model "A" and “b” we have already designed and created the blocks for implementation of these methods up-sell and down-sell. With this purpose in the item card is withdrawn modules “featured products”, “bestsellers” and “Similar goods”. These modules are internally developed web-Studio NeoSeo and not sold separately. Modules for cross-sell adapted to our model and after the installation and configuration will work in your favor.

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