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How to create a coupons in admin panel of the website for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore?

Coupons are a good promotional tool. With coupons, you can promote new products, obtain feedback and opinions of your target audience, attract new customers, and increase loyalty and retain existing customers. The essence of the coupons that the customer can receive discounts when ordering in Your online store.

You can create different types of coupons with the help of the module “loyalty Program”discount 10% when buying for 1000 UAH. free shipping etc..

How does the process of:

Include coupons from the list of modules "to be Considered in the order"

We go into editing the module and select the status “Enabled”, we sort the sort order more than the “Subtotal” module, but less than the “Total” module. For example, put 3, then "Save." You create a specific coupon in your store and specify its parameters.

In order to create a coupon you need to go to the "Sales" / "Coupons" section in the admin panel of your IM site.

On the Coupons page you will see existing coupons. We need to create a new coupon, for this we click on the "+" button.

The following fields are required: "Coupon Name", "Code". You can also specify other parameters for this coupon, and click the "Save" button.

Then distribute it between your customers. This can be done through the e-mail newsletter, or simply distribute it online or offline.

When a customer receives a coupon, he can use it when purchasing goods in your online store. To do this, the buyer needs to select the "Use discount coupon" field in the cart window, and enter the coupon code. In addition, a cancellation mark will appear in the Coupon list as indicated in the picture.

In the section "Coupons with discounts" in editing you can see the history of orders.

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