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Module SMS widget for the online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore configured but messages are not sent

You have installed the module “SMS widget“ and set it according to the installation instructions of the module, but the messages never come to You on your mobile phone? You need to do the following:

  1. Turn on logging on the tab "Logs" in the module settings
  2. Send a test message on the "General" tab in the module settings. Enter the phone, test message and click the "Test" button;

If, after sending, a message appears stating that the message was sent successfully, this means that there are no errors in the module and the message should be sent. But in order to make sure that the message is really sent, you need to go to the "Logs" tab and check the messages there.

If in the logs you don’t see messages like “there are not enough credits on the account”, “the username, password or sender is incorrectly filled out”, “the recipient number is incorrectly filled out” and other error messages, check the logs in your personal account for sending messages . Perhaps your message is in the queue for sending.

If the message about the successful test sending was not displayed, you need to check:

  1. Server Logs Perhaps somewhere 500 error was detected and it will be displayed in the server logs. If you find such an error, contact our technical support to resolve the error.

Another option is also possible. A test message is sent, but messages are not received when placing an order to customers. In this case, check:

  1. Module logs;
  1. Are all message templates complete:
  1. Whether the correct template status is selected. There are three statuses. Enabled - the message will be sent when the buyer’s notification is marked in the order edit.

Otherwise, the message will not be sent. Forced - always send, regardless of the set mark for notification. Suitable for statuses that are assigned at checkout. Off - never send messages:

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