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Configuring the module the Import of goods from YML for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

  1. Module installation “NeoSeo Imports from YML”

To install the module “NeoSeo Imports from YML” for OpenCart, you must:

  1. Go to admin panel and click on “Extras”->”Modules”:
  2. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Import goods from YML” and click the “Install” button:

This completes the installation of the module and you can proceed to editing the module settings.

  1. Editing module settings

To edit the module’s settings, go to the site’s administrative panel and select the “Add-ons” -> ”Modules” section. In the list of modules for OpenCart that opens, select “NeoSeo Import goods from YML” and click on the “Edit” button:

After that, the window for editing module settings will appear on the screen:

In order to connect this module to the store, go to the “General” tab and select “Enabled” in the “Status” field:

The functionality of this module allows you to import products from YML into your online store using the links provided by product suppliers. Online stores can collaborate with a large number of suppliers. In this regard, the module allows you to configure the import of goods from each supplier with its own unique settings.

Settings for importing goods from suppliers are located on the “Imports” tab:

To import goods from a supplier, enter the name of the new import and click on the “Add” button. For example, let's import goods from supplier 1 and call it “Import from supplier 1”:

As a result, the form for import settings opens:

This form is intended to configure the following options:

  • Import Status. A field used to determine the import status. If the value “Enabled” is selected in this field, then after clicking on the “Execute imports” button, goods with the name “Import from supplier 1” will be imported.

If the value “Disabled” is selected in this field, then after clicking on the “Execute imports” button, the import of goods with the name “Import from supplier 1” will not be carried out.

  • The name of the import. The field is used to indicate the name of the import, which will be displayed on the import tab:
  • Link to YML. In this field you must specify a link to the price list of the supplier in YML format.
  • Parent category. This setting is designed to select the category in which you want to place new products. This list contains all the categories available on your site:

The module allows you to upload new products without specifying a parent category. To do this, in this field, select the value “Without parent category”:

  • Markup on goods (%). Using this option, you can specify the required percentage mark-up for the product from the price list. If there is no need for an extra charge, then in this field specify the value “0”:
  • Currency of import. This field is used to select the currency with which goods from the price list will be loaded. For example, select “Hryvnia”:

If, for some reason, the currency of the goods from the price is not defined, then in this field select the value “Currency is not defined, coefficient. one". In this case, the goods will be loaded with the same price that is listed in the price list.

  • Generation of CNC links for products. With this option, you can choose the method of forming links for goods: create links using the import tag URL, system link formation:

This module allows you to not only add new products from the price list of suppliers, but also update information on existing products. In the price list of the supplier, for each product, its article number is indicated. When loading goods from the price list, the database searches for goods with a specific article number. If no product with such an article is found in your database, a new product is created. If a product with such an article is found in the database, then you can, if necessary, update information about this product (for example, name, description, attributes, model, etc.).

The module contains the following options: “Update name”, “Update description”, “Update attributes”, “Update images”, “Update manufacturer”, “Update price”, “Update categories”, “Update model”, “Update meta tags "

If you need to update any information about the product, then select the “Enabled” value in the corresponding field:

  • Categories. This field must be filled in if the supplier’s file does not need to update all products, but from certain categories. In this case, indicate the names of these categories in this field.

Important!!! After adding all the changes, click the “Save” button:

After saving all the necessary module settings, you can load the price list of the supplier.

For example, download the following provider file:

To do this, indicate the link to this file in the “Link to YML” field and click on the “Import” button:

As a result, a new product appeared in the product list, loaded using the import_vendor1.xml price list:

UPDATE 03/27/2019

Added the ability to indicate the status of the warehouse status from the ones available in the system for imported goods, for:

<param name = "Available"> 1 </param> Product Status "In Stock"

<param name = "Available"> 0 </param> Product status "out of stock”

In the list of modules for OpenCart, select “NeoSeo Import goods from YML” and click on the “Edit. Go to the “Imports” tab and select the desired value in the appropriate fields

UPDATE 09/10/2019

Graduation Markup
This setting allows you to markup the goods using a flexible mark-up system, in the form of gradations, for example:
If you specify such a formula 500: 0, it means that goods having a price lower than or equal to 500 will not be loaded, since the value 0 is indicated.
To enter several mark-up rules, it is necessary to indicate each rule through the symbol “;”
500: 0; 2000: 1.5; 5000: 1.25 - means that goods with a price of up to 500 do not load, from 500 to 2000 multiply the price by 1.5, from 2000 to 5000 multiply by 1.25, above 5000 the price does not change.
The supported formula is: 2000: -100 | 1.25 | 0; - means that for goods with a price of up to 2000, subtract 100, then multiply by 1.25 and add 0
Exclude products by name
This setting allows excluding goods by name only from the unloading.
To enter several products, you must specify the name of each product from a new line

UPDATE 09/17/2019

Skip categories if they do not have links.
This option allows you to exclude categories that are associated with non-existent parent categories, this usually happens when the source of the import category announces but does not unload the goods.


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