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Module exchange/integration and OpenCart Bitrix24 3.0

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Good communication with Clients is one of the most important items of the online store. And for maintenance managers to work with Clients using various CRM systems, but so far the most popular on the territory of the former CIS is Beatrix (Bitrix24).

If you are also using a particular CRM, then you are lucky because you are now on the village of the most useful additions to the online store on OpenCart (V. 3.0), ocStore (v. 3.0) or {SEO-shop}.

Your attention is invited to the module “data Sharing an online store with Bitrix24”, which will allow you to set up an automatic transfer of orders from online store in Bitrix24 as new transactions. The only thing you have to do to successfully complete the transaction.

Before beginning synchronization, you must configure Vibhuti (webhook), which passes the data exchange between Bitrix24 and online store. You can do this in the Apps section in Bitrix24.

The module supports the following rights:

  • Users (user)
  • CRM. After the initial synchronization, you will enjoy:
  • The name of the portal
  • User ID
  • Secret code

After that, you should configure the module, namely: indicate the portal name, user ID and secret code received from Bitrix24 (image above)

After that you can:

  • create contact before creating lead
  • put the person responsible for the contacts
  • set source when creating contact
  • set default contact type
  • configure the advanced option “Correspondence table: Buyer group on the site - Contact type in Bitrix24”

Leads, in turn, are created only when registering on the page intended for this, or when placing an order, and also provided that the standard OpenCart methods are used. Leads can also be created upon receipt of applications in the modules “NeoSeo Capture Contacts” and “NeoSeo Subscription for the receipt of goods”.

To configure the creation of leads in Bitrix24, you need to go to the tab of the “Transactions” module, where the corresponding options are located. Transactions are created on the basis of orders of registered users and they are assigned a contact in the order (if the creation of contacts is allowed by the module). Accordingly, a separate transaction is formed for each product from the order.

In this settings section you can:

  • enable transaction creation when creating an order;
  • appoint a person responsible for the transaction;
  • set the stage of the transaction by default;
  • set the default transaction type;
  • configure the unloading of product options selected during the order in the comments to the transaction;
  • configure the creation of a transaction for a certain order status;
  • configure the advanced option “Correspondence table: Category on the site - Transaction type in Bitrix24”, which is used to compare each product category from the order with the transaction type in Bitrix24.

Let's think about why online store owners use CRM. Correctly - for more convenient work. Well, with our module you can simplify the work even more. Doubt it? Get a test license and start enjoying the simplicity of working with clients.

Additional module benefits
  1. Create contacts based on leads.
  2. Creating leads when registering and receiving an application through the modules “NeoSeo Capture Contacts” and “NeoSeo Subscription for the receipt of goods”.
  3. Creating separate transactions for each product from the order.
  4. Thin module settings with the ability to use directories from Bitrix24.
  5. Logging in the module, which will track the creation of contacts, leads and deals and possible problems with these actions.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please, here you are

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