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Import of prices and goods from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) vendor Module for OpenCart

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

The module “Import prices and items from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) provider”, as the name already suggests, will help you to accelerate and simplify import products from Excel to the online store on OpenCart and ocStore. The functionality of the module has a large number of useful tools that will make working with the price vendors file formats .xls, .xlsx or .csv in a matter of minutes.

Quite often there is a need to update the product price from the price supplier. In this case, suppliers provide their price lists in different formats, and therefore may experience different kinds of problems. The most common problem is the mismatch of the location fields. In one price the cost may be specified in the second column, and the other in the third. This situation required constant adjustment of the settings.

In the module “Import prices and items from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) provider,” we eliminated this deficiency. Our software solution allows you to specify the location of fields for each type of price. Thus, you will not need to change the settings at the next boot price, just choose the option settings for this file format.

If necessary, update the information about the product, its database search is conducted on the article. Let's say You need to upgrade the price of the goods. While in the database of the product with the desired article, its price will automatically replace the price specified in the price list. But what if different vendors use the same parts, and, for radically different products? After all, the price will change then in the first and the second. About this problem, our programmers have also taken care of by adding a function assignment for a vendor unique code. Each product in the result to be assigned an ID, which consists of two parts “vendor code”.

If the price of your product depends on the combination of its options (size color), and then our module will be very useful for you. It allows you to automate the formation of prices using the “Linked options” to get acquainted with whom, but also other useful tools module, you can visit the module settings “Import prices and items from the price list excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) provider”.

Also when you upgrade the product has the ability to overwrite in the database, some options from the required columns. In addition, supported the creation of new commodity positions, provided that these are present in the price list of the supplier.

In General, this module perfectly complements the functionality of the standard OpenCart providing the capabilities needed for fast and comfortable work with price lists in formats .xls, .xlsx, and .csv. The module was developed by people who not the first year working with this CMS and I know what functions there really is not enough.

Still doubt the need of this module for your online store? Take advantage of a free trial license right now and estimate all its advantages. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices became so much easier.

Additional module benefits
  1. Allows you to manually edit the format of the columns and the type of price, which is received from the source.
  2. Manual and automatic price update modes.
  3. It supports several modes of operation, which means that you can make unique settings for the prices of each supplier.
  4. Automatic creation of new positions, based on the price list.
  5. Support for common and related options.
  6. Expanding the database by adding the required fields.
  7. Product filter to exclude items that do not need to be updated.

This module runs on OpenCart 2.1.x, 2.3.x. If you need a module for version 3.0, please go here.

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