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Setting up the system of awarding bonus points for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

Bonus points are one of the types of incentive buyers. Bonuses are a guarantee that the customer will return. In fact, bonus points is deferred discount, motivation for the client to come next time.

And it works like this: You get bonuses to specific goods when purchasing goods on the Personal account of the buyer receives bonuses listed on the item card, then the buyer may pay accrued bonuses at checkout. Also You can accrue or redeem the bonuses from the buyer manually. Now consider all this in more detail.

Include bonus points in the module list "Note in order"

We go into editing the module "Loyalty program" and select the status "On", the sorting order is set more than the module "Subtotal", but less than the module "Total". For example, put 2, then "Save".

After that, the "Bonus points" tab appears in the product card, where there are two sections:

The total cost of goods in points

That. If we put the cost of 1000 points, and the product is worth 500 rubles, then if the buyer uses 100 points, then in fact he will pay 50 rubles points, and the rest, 450 rubles, he will have to pay in real money.

Also, if the item has options, then the value of the item in points can be adjusted for each option separately.

  • Points for accrual after purchase of this product

That. if 100 points are indicated here, after the purchase of the goods, these 100 points will be credited to the buyer's account. It is possible to place different points for different groups of buyers, but regardless of the selected option, the same amount of points will be credited.

When going to the product card, we see two fields on bonus points:

  • Price in Bonus Points, which indicates the total value of the item in points
  • Bonus points that will be credited when you purchase a product

In order to add bonus points to a specific product you need to select this product in the "Products" section and go to the "Bonus points" tab. It is here that you will be able to add bonuses that will be charged to the buyer for the purchase of this product, as well as the cost of goods in points. After adding bonus points, click the "Save" button.

After ordering, bonus points are not automatically credited to the buyer. Bonus points must be earned by the store manager. To charge them, you must go to the order view and earn points for the purchase:

When buying a product to which bonus points are assigned, bonuses will be credited to the buyer's personal account (after confirmation by the manager). The buyer can see the availability of bonuses in his personal account, the "Bonus points" tab:

You will now be able to buy the product for bonus points.

In order to manually accrue bonus points to the buyer manually, you need to go to the "Buyers" / "Buyers" section, select in the list of the necessary buyer and click the "Edit" button. Here you need to go to the "Bonus points" tab:

To attach points to the customer, fill in the fields "Description", "Bonus points" and click "Save". To withdraw points from the client, put in the Bonus Points field the minus and the number of points to be withdrawn (for example - 100).

The buyer can also pay the accumulated bonuses when placing the order. To do this, the buyer needs to select the field "Use bonus points" in the checkout window, and enter the required number of points to pay for the purchase.

Accordingly, if we specified 500, then the cost of the goods, proportional to the price of the goods in bonus points, will be written off.

In addition, the list of bonus points will show a write off as indicated in the picture

And in the order there will be a line showing how many points were used and what part of the value of the goods they had:

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