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"Best Gift to Entrepreneur"

Give the Best Gift of the Entrepreneur (or yourself) about which he could only dream of! Certificate, cost of 25,000 UAH. / 60000руб. to develop an online store {SEO-Store} "on key" from web Studio NeoSeo.

To participate in the draw, you must log in to your Facebook account and:

  1. If for yourself - write a comment, why do you really need an online store? If NOT for yourself - write a comment, why does your friend / girlfriend / brother / sister or matchmaker / father-in-law / godfather need an online store?
  2. To mark 3 friends in your comment who, in your opinion, would like a professional online store to be very useful for business development. To participate in the draw, your friend must complete steps 1 and 2.
  3. Go to the page where we tell you what the correct online store {SEO store} is and share it on your Facebook page (the page should be open)
  4. Subscribe to participate in the following promotions here so as not to miss anything!
  5. Well, as usual: Like our page (our page), like ❤️ and Repost of this post (heart + share this post).

Why do all this?

  • We are playing a certificate worth 25,000 UAH. / 60000rub. on the services of developing an online store {SEO-Store} in the web studio NeoSeo. Details of the development are in the presentation and at the sales managers on the phones indicated on the website.
  • Discounts from 5 to 25% on the development of {SEO-store} for the friends you noted, whose comments in response to your comment we will like the most :).
  • Keep abreast of events and do not miss the next promotion.

Questions & Answers:

When is the rally? • January 31, 2019.

How many friends can I celebrate? • As many as you like.

How many comments can I write? • As many friends as you have, write about everyone who needs a professional online store.

How to get a prize? • Fulfill all the conditions and hope for a small miracle, and then fill out the brief and wait a month for time.

Should my page be open on the day of the draw? • Yes, required.

How will you choose a winner? • Using the service.

Friends, with the upcoming holidays!

PS. May the one who most wants to succeed in this New Year 2019 win!

So our competition has come to an end and we are ready to announce the results. Congratulations to the winner of Anastasiia Vorona, who became the owner of a certificate worth 25,000 UAH. to develop a professional online store in the web studio NeoSeo! We believe that this is a great start for business and wish him only prosperity.