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Bonuses for buying modules from NeoSeo

Hello everyone, NeoSeo web studio announces the launch of a program of cumulative points for the purchase of our software solutions.

Buy and install the modules you need from NeoSeo for online stores on OpenCart and receive bonuses for the purchase of the following :)

How does the program "Bonuses for the purchase of modules"

The rules are simple: buy a module or {SEO-Shop} and you will immediately receive bonuses to a special account. You can check the amount or track the history of accrual and withdrawal of bonuses in your personal account. To calculate points, consider a number of important points:

the program is valid only for authorized buyers;

You can pay with points when buying from 100 UAH;

bonuses received for modules can be used only for partial payment of the following goods - a maximum of 50% of the cost of the next product;

1 point is equal to 25 UAH. or 60 rubles.

The number of bonuses for buying a module or {SEO-shop} is indicated in the list of modules under the main price of each of them:

or on the modules page:

Even if you participate in other promotions, points for the purchase will still be awarded, including for the purchase of the module with a partial bonus payment.

The bonus program for buyers of modules and assemblies from NeoSeo starts working on 10/09/2019. and points are not awarded for previous purchases.

Use bonus points for the purchase of the necessary modules for your online store, so that it becomes even better and brings even more sales.

NeoSeo Team.

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