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Pulse NeoSeo

Fastest site map

Version 40

7 7320 Number of sales: 504

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Site map is one of the important tools that allow you to quickly index each page of the site and promote it to the top. Usually, the responsibility for monitoring and creating a site map rests with programmers, but if you plan to maintain the site without third-party assistance, or want to save your money, install a module that allows you to quickly generate a site map. You make changes - the module immediately places them in the site map, saving it in the database. No unnecessary actions, but at the same time fast indexing.

How to install the module

Described in the readme.txt file in the module's archive.

The result of the module:

The site map is shown in Figure 1.

Go to the link https://dev.demo.neoseo.com.ua/sitemap-product.xml

This module runs on OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for versions 3.0 - please go here Site Map v 3.0

Additional module benefits
  1. Selection of the CNC forming system (SEO Pro, SEO Url).
  2. Support for multilingual CNC.
  3. Ability to break the map into parts of the required size.
  4. Support of multi-stores.
  5. The ability to compress the site map.
  6. Possibility of adding to the site map links to landing pages.

This module runs on OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please go here.

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249 грн.


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14 days

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[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

Turnkey module setup cost"
Job title
I have OpenCart or its assemblies:
Russian assembly / ocStore
1. Installation and configuration of a turnkey module - More
+600 грн.
2. License price
(when ordering turnkey module configuration services)
249 грн.+25 грн.(Saving: 224 грн.)
625 грн.
0 грн.
Order a turnkey setup, get a license for $ 1

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