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The configure module Tree of categories for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

  1. Module installation “NeoSeo the Categories Tree Block”.

Before installing this module you must install and configure the module “NeoSeo Menu”.

To install the module “NeoSeo the Categories Tree Block” for OpenCart, you must:

  1. Go to admin panel and click on “Extras”->”Modules”:Category tree
  2. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Category Tree - Block” and click on the “Install” button:Category tree

Now you can edit the module settings.

  1. Editing module settings.

To edit the module’s settings, go to the site’s administrative panel and select the “Add-ons” -> ”Modules” section. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Category Tree - Block” and click on the “Edit” button:Category tree

After that, the window for editing module settings will appear on the screen:Category tree

The “Settings” tab allows you to make the necessary settings for the module, namely:

  • The name of the module. This field allows you to assign a name to the module, which will be displayed in the general list of modules. For example, create a module that will display a category block on the main page, called “NeoSeo Category Tree - Block> Home”:Category tree

If you now click the “Save and Close” button, a module with the name “NeoSeo Category Tree - Block> Home” will appear in the list of modulesCategory tree

You can also click the “Save” button and continue editing the module settingsCategory tree 1

  • The name of the menu. This field allows you to assign a title to the module, which will be displayed on the storefront:Category tree 2Category tree 7
  • Set of categories. You can select from the list the menu that will be displayed in this module. (How to create a menu - see the instructions of the “NeoSeo Menu” module)Category tree 8
  • Status. The switch that is designed to enable or disable the module:Category tree 9
  • Type of menu building. You can select one of two options from the list: Manual or Automatic.

“Manual” means that the menu items will be taken from a set of categories (which we have selected above), and constructed in accordance with the settings of the “NeoSeo Menu” module.

“Automatic” - menu items will be built from the categories of your store.Category tree 4

  • Select a display template. From the list you can choose which view file will be used as a template for displaying the module on the window. Initially 3 options are available: carousel, category, child.Category tree 5
  • Image Width and Image Height. You can specify the size of the picture, but only for the automatic construction of the menu. If manual build is configured, the size will be taken from the menu settings specified in the “category set” field, which is configured in the “NeoSeo Menu” moduleCategory tree 6

After making all the changes to the module settings, you must save them. To do this, click the “save” or “save and close” button in the upper left corner of the screen.Category tree 1

3. Adding a module to the circuit.

For the module to appear in the display case, it must be added to the “circuit”. To do this, go to the admin panel of the site and select the “Design” -> ”Schemes” section. In the list of schemes, select the scheme on which you want the module to be displayed and click on the “Edit” button. For this example, select the “Home” scheme:Category tree 1

In the circuit editing window, click the “Add module” button:Category tree

In the list of modules, select “NeoSeo Category Tree - Block> Home”, in the “Location” column, select the necessary block location and set the sort order:Category tree 01

After making all the changes, click on the “Save” button:Category tree 10

As a result, after adding the module to the “Home” scheme, in the window on the main page we can see the working module:Category tree 11

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