Coming soon, fast templates with an unlimited number of modules for 1 UAH/order
Improved OpenCart 3.0
version NeoSeo
!open source
and incredibly fast and elegant template
OpenCart 3.0 version NeoSeo, advantages:
  • there are already Ukrainian and Russian localizations in the box, SeoPro (modified for correct switching between languages)
  • Added paid 5 modules, incl. module one-page checkout 
  • Download our version of OpenCart with the fastest and free template with 10 more modules installed and get a fast online store that is gaining 90+ points on Google PageSpeed tests, screenshots of the:
Click the link below and take a look
with demo
Modules that are already installed (5 pcs.)
OpenCart 3.0 version NeoSeo
System requirements (versions, configurations)
  • Web-server (for example Apache, nginx)
  • PHP 7.3+
  • Required PHP extensions: Curl, ZIP, Zlib, GD Library, Mcrypt, Mbstrings, Xml
  • MySql (version of your choice)
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