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Pulse NeoSeo

SEO-product filter for OpenCart 3.0

Version 50

3040 Number of sales: 5

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Agree, it's silly to look for a more stable, low-cost, high conversion traffic source than organic search results. Paid advertising can't compete with a quality SEO-optimization, which is due to the position in the free results brings more customers than the online store located at the position of paid contextual advertising, because the customers, in the most part are wary of advertising in the network, trying to close it or block it. Natural results, in turn, tells the customer about the credibility of the online store, because in the top of the search results get only the best.

It allows you to create SEO structure for an online store, allowing you to generate thousands of relevant landing pages that help to bring new customers to your online store. If more, in the beginning through the tree of categories and subcategories, taking into account high-frequency queries, create a landing page. Then on the resulting page displays the group of filters that play the role of a tool for creating pages with a high conversion rate (for medium - and low-frequency queries) and a simple sort tool, helping to find a client interested in the product.

Functionality SEO-the filter helps to create additional landing pages for product categories and filtering options will be more search entities. The final step is to add links to an optimized landing page you just created to the main menu of the store catalog to a potential customer could go to the desired page in 2 clicks.

What kind of “landing page” with what it eat?

Landing page (landing page) - is a page that by providing accurate and comprehensive result, simplifies the path for the desired user goal. Of course, the ranking algorithms of search engines take into account many factors that help to bring traffic from Google and Yandex, but without the landing page just will not do.

The module was very effective and pays for itself in just a week.

The main advantages of SEO module-filter for an online store on OpenCart 3.x and ocStore 3.x:

SEO-the filter creates a new full URL of the page you will be able to optimize and post unique content under a certain semantics. For example, you sell “laminate 32 class.” In the SEO filter, you can select a category and filter option, in our example, “laminate” and “32 class”.

Thus created a landing page, immediately come in the website for indexing by search engines.

These landing pages focused on low-frequency queries, but because they are very important for an online store, allowing you to increase the number of sales. Why? Because if a user searches for a laminate of a specific brand name or type, then it is more likely to want to make a purchase than in the high-frequency query, such as “laminate”. It works as follows:

  1. A unique page address is generated:
  2. Manually fill in meta tags or configure a template in the CNC generator and metadata;
  3. Seo text is placed;
  4. The newly created page immediately goes to the sitemap and expects indexing;
  5. Search engines evaluate your page well, increasing the reputation of an entire online store, because your site contains exactly the content that a user is looking for on a low-frequency query;
  6. The user is more likely to become a client, because he has found a specific page with the result of his detailed request and now he does not need to visit obscure resources, opening a large number of tabs;

Search engines like sites with a large number of landing pages, but do not forget about the proper formation and promotion of these same pages. For this we have developed modules for generating CNC and metadata and a high-speed sitemap. Additional modules will help

optimize the pages of your online store with quality and effortlessly, including those created using the SEO filter. The CNC and metadata generation module will help automate the filling of meta tags and the formation of CNC (human-readable URL (URL)) according to the template, and allow it to be configured to fill in the H1, Title, Description and Keywords tags, as well as to generate URLs in 3 languages at once (if supported on your site).

If you don’t want to configure all this manually by hand, entrust this work to our modules, which will do everything quickly and efficiently.

The SEO filter module for the online store on OpenCart 3.x and ocStore 3.x also allows you to:

  1. Manage enable and disable filter sections;
  2. Use advanced filter options, such as image and color;
  3. Select the type of option in the form of tiles and checkboxes;
  4. Select categories to display filter options;
  5. Automatically generate the CNC by the name of the option and its value;
  6. Set filters by brand and value;


The SEO filter allows you to create a filter for each product category with its own configuration, and the options on the product page can also be attributes. For example, a screenshot can be viewed in more detail:

  1. Option with color;
  2. Option with image;
  3. Option with enabled filter section;
  4. Option with disabled filter section;
  5. Type of option - tile;
  6. Type of option - checkbox;
  7. Filter by cost;
  8. Filter by brand.

Filter option with additional design in the form of color and image:

It may seem that such technical additions are very complex and not necessary, but do not forget why they were invented. The SEO filter for the online store on OpenCart 3.x and ocStore 3.x from NeoSeo will not only help attract more traffic from organic results, but also increase the number of potential buyers from this traffic, as well as increase the credibility of the site through unique content on more number of landing pages.

Additional module benefits
  1. The ability to create landing pages by combining the category value with the filter option value;
  2. Create an unlimited number of filter options;
  3. Creating an unlimited number of filter option values;
  4. The module allows you to use additional design in the form of color and image as the values of the filter options;
  5. Select categories in which filter options will be displayed;
  6. Choosing the type of options in the form of tiles, checkboxes and radio buttons;
  7. Automatic generation of CNC options based on the option name;
  8. Automatic generation of CNC option values based on the name of the option value;
  9. Filtering by price and manufacturer;
  10. Support for multilingual sites;
  11. Accounting for discounts and promotions held in your online store;
  12. For each category, the module allows you to create a filter with its own configuration;
  13. The ability to show options as attributes on the product page;
  14. Automatic generation of filter options based on attributes and product options;
  15. Export filter options from the OCFilter module;
  16. Support for the modules “NeoSeo CNC Generator and Metadata”, “Incredibly Fast Site Map”.
  17. The ability to use a direct link to the landing page.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please, here you are

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