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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an abbreviation term that is translated from English as "search engine optimization" - site optimization for search robots (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.).

In general, this is a set of works that is aimed at improving the quality of the site and bringing it into line with the requirements and wishes of search robots, so that the latter will give your site as high as possible in its search results.

What is SEO for an online store

The search robots Google and Yandex, in fact, monopolized the global market for the search for goods and services on the Internet both in Ukraine and in Russia. If you have an online store, and you want to be on friendly terms with those who depend on your well-being - you simply have to do SEO. To be on the top of the SERP, you need to bring your online store to the appropriate requirements, or potential buyers will never know about it ...

The main goal of search engine optimization is to attract targeted visitors from Google, Yandex and other search engines. The very SEO-optimization and the list of requirements for SEO-promotion developed simultaneously with the search engines. And, for example, if in 2006, in order to get into TOP-3, it was enough to register meta tags and buy any 100 links, today optimization looks a little more complicated.

Web-studio NeoSeo develops websites that search engines like, and those in turn provide you with buyers and profits. Who does not like fast and user-friendly sites, in addition, with useful content?

Search output is divided into:

  • paid: it houses a block with contextual advertising;
  • Free: search results that directly depend on SEO (organic).

What does SEO consist of?

Search engine optimization can be divided into two main blocks of work:

  1. Internal optimization.
  2. External optimization.

More details about the works that relate to each block, we will discuss below.

Internal SEO-optimization of the site (online store)

Internal SEO-optimization for the online store

Internal optimization is a set of works aimed at improving the technical and content side of the site, in accordance with the requirements of search engines to obtain higher positions in search results.

The main work on the internal optimization of the site

1. First, a specialist conducts a comprehensive audit in order to understand the condition of the site and what needs to be done to be "liked" by users and search engines. At the same stage, the expert delves into the business niche of the client: analyzes competitors, learns what strategies the sites use in TOP, what "chips" work in this topic, what can be implemented for the convenience of users, etc.

2. On the basis of site audit, a TOR is prepared for the programmer to correct technical problems and refine the site. After conducting a full audit in more than 90% of the sites, there are critical errors that interfere with the site in progress. Some of the edits can be made by the SEO specialist himself, others are only available to programmers, in some cases it is necessary to involve the designer and layout designer in the work.

SEO for the online store

Some of the most important items are:

  • optimization of speed of loading of pages, the answer of the server;
  • adaptive layout or the presence of a mobile version;
  • bringing all pages to the CNC;
  • elimination of takes, 404 pages;
  • setting up a template for displaying meta tags;
  • creating / correcting robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
  • optimization of filters: setting up the correct formation of URLs for filters and their intersections, meta tags, visibility of links to filters.

This, of course, not all items, lists with all the corrections and inaccuracies of a particular online store can take dozens of pages. All wishes for correction should be optimized, so that they do not affect the positions of your online store.

3. After the audit and edits on the audit, the most important and interesting work begins - collecting the semantic kernel and building an SEO structure for the online store. The work on collecting semantics and creating the right structure is aimed at maximum coverage and traffic attraction for all key requests that your potential customers use when searching for products and services of your online store.

Collecting the semantic core in the process of SEO-promotion of the online store is mandatory for:

  1. creating the correct structure of the site;
  2. writing meta tags for promoted pages;
  3. writing a technical assignment for optimized texts (the so-called seo-texts);
  4. improve the relevance of promoted pages;
  5. create the correct internal linking;
  6. external optimization;
  7. monitoring and analysis of the site's positions;
  8. correction of SEO-promotion strategy.

As you can see, without collecting the semantic kernel - nowhere. Therefore, it is important that it is created competently and in full. NeoSeo web studio specialists, in addition to standard features from Google and Yandex, collect key queries with the help of third-party services and programs, and also analyze the unloading of competitor's keywords from the TOP.

SEO-optimization site for Online Store

As mentioned above, one of the most important tasks of successful promotion is the construction of the SEO-structure of the site on the basis of the analysis of semantics. Take, for example, an online store of women's clothing, go to the section "Blouses". This page can be "sharpened" for everyday, evening, business keywords. But, in practice, creating a separate landing for each group of requests, we will collect more targeted traffic, which will positively affect both sales and your profit.

4. Internal optimization also includes the creation and placement of unique useful content (SEO texts, info articles in the blog, product descriptions, video reviews). Again, it is desirable to create all content on the basis of semantics, prescribing the corresponding TK to copywriters, forming templates for prescribing meta tags.

External SEO-optimization of the site (online store)

External optimization of the site is a work aimed at increasing the number of backlinks from different sources to obtain a more weighty reference weight of your website or online store.

Usually, the link profile is built up by purchasing links using special exchanges. On exchanges, there are references to "any taste and color," the main thing is to understand which of them are "good" and which ones will work best in each specific case. There is no single algorithm for buying links, each site needs different speeds for building links from various sources, but there are general recommendations on how to do this:

  • first, a gradual, gradual purchase. What does it mean? Dynamics of growth should be smooth, without jumps and falls;
  • secondly, maximally dilute the anchor links, so that the reference portfolio looks as natural as possible.

When building a competent link profile, we also recommend using different types of links - "perpetual", leased, links from blogs, message boards, thematic live catalogs, crowd links, etc.

Really SEO-optimization of a site (Internet-shop) is so it is simple?

Yes, there is nothing complicated here, everything is simple:

  • bring your site in order technically, make it quick and convenient for all kinds of devices;
  • fill it with useful, semantically correctly separated content;
  • increase the reference mass - and there will be traffic to you;
  • conduct regular analysis of its indicators and competitor performance;
  • never stop, look for new niches.

We hope that we opened up to you such a "dark world of seo-shmeo" as most Clients say about it, and now you have a better understanding of all the processes related to search engine optimization. Just do these simple actions, and you are guaranteed to get the result. This is not magic, it's an ordinary routine job that someone should do, but that's who? And, as always, you have two options:

SEO-optimization and promotion of web-studio NeoSeo

  1. Hire web studio professionals and guaranteed to receive:
  • a whole team of professionals and professionals who work on your site, as well as a project manager who reports on time;
  • Expertise in any direction of website development and promotion;
  • high quality of services provided.


  1. Try to find a SEO specialist, a programmer, a designer, a layout designer, a copywriter, a semantics, a link-builder and manage this team yourself, as far as the skill, strength, skill and time are enough.

So, analyze and financially calculate both options ...

We are always happy to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


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