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How to make SEO structure for an online store on OpenCart quickly? - Automation of the process from NeoSeo

Automatically create category tree OpenCart/{SEO-Store}

The creation of a category tree can be performed at the stage of “automatic” provisioning of the online store by syncing with external services (1C, Moysklad, Класс365, Brain), import data from the provider file or the parsing of the donor site. But, as practice shows, the category structure obtained from the donor site or the price list of the provider has nothing to do with proper SEO structure. Therefore, it is recommended not to miss this point, and to study it. For this SEO specialist is to conduct analysis and collect information from competitors ' sites. On the basis of this is the right category tree. Or You give the category tree, we create it in the online store OpenCart/{SEO-Store}.

After defining a new category structure, you need to re-link products to new categories. Depending on how the products get to the site, there is a possibility that it will be possible to rebind automatically based on a comparison of old and new categories of goods. Otherwise, it will be necessary to manually re-link the goods. In this embodiment, there are two solutions:

  1. Re-binding is performed by the Client on his own.
  2. Rebinding is done by the Content Manager on an hourly basis.

Automatically create and display filters on category pages. To implement this item, you must have the module SEO-filter from Web Studio NeoSeo.

Consider the options for implementing the stage:

  1. Semi-automatic. The client provides a file with a filter plan for categories, or we are developing this filter structure plan based on the analysis and collection of information from competitor sites (as part of our service to create an SEO structure). In the semi-automatic version, garbage filters are excluded. The creation of filter options and their values occurs automatically by loading the structure file into the administrative zone. The binding of goods to filters is carried out either by the Client independently, or by the content manager on an hourly basis.
  2. Based on product attributes. Product attributes can be obtained from any source, which are discussed in the article Content filling the online store on OpenCart / {SEO-Shop}. Creating filter options and their values, as well as linking filters to categories and products will be performed automatically. The downside is that there may be "garbage filters."
  3. Based on product options. Product options can be obtained from any source, which are discussed in the article Content filling the online store. Creating filter options and their values, as well as linking filters to categories and products will be performed automatically. The downside is that there may be "garbage filters."
  4. Copy data from ocFilter module. If the site has previously used the ocFilter filter and the options are already created in it, the values and all the bindings to the goods and categories exist, you can transfer the data.
  5. Copying data from the standard OpenCart module. If a standard filter was previously used on the site and options, values and all the bindings to goods and categories have already been created in it, you can transfer the data.
  6. Individual implementation of the stage. The most common situations are described above, but it happens that it is in your situation that you can consider an individual implementation that will solve the task more efficiently.

Auto-generated landing (landing) pages OpenCart / {SEO-Shop}

The next stage is the implementation of landing (landing) pages that need to be created based on the intersection of the category value and the filter value. As part of the automatic implementation, we are developing a list of rules for the automatic generation of landing pages. Based on the rules, auto-generation of landing pages is performed. The actual number of pages will be known only after their creation, we can only say the approximate number of landing pages. But in any case, they will be an order of magnitude higher than when manually creating landing pages, and most importantly faster. The automatic generation of landing pages in no way guarantees the correct generation of a page description. Description and basic data of landing pages is created on the basis of templates and may require correction.

If in your case there is a possibility of creating more than 1000 landing pages (which you can fill out with hands for more than 40 hours), we recommend ordering a service for automatically generating landing pages based on the rules that an SEO specialist will create.

How to create a beautiful and useful mega-menu for an online store on OpenCart / {SEO-Store}

Based on the steps you have taken, you can proceed to create a mega-menu so that the main window of the online store is presented informatively, conveniently and attractively.

What is required of you?

(recommended size 80 * 80, jpg, jpeg, png format)

The cost of the customization service is $ 30, if we do as we have on the demo and the number of categories does not exceed the number in the template

If there are more categories, then the work will be carried out on a timer - $ 12 per hour.

Please note that the pictures will be placed in accordance with the template. Text (style, boldness, italics, etc.), clickability of menu items can only be changed with the help of a layout designer, which is paid extra.

If the site is multilingual, then translation of the menu into other languages is paid extra.

You can create mega-menus yourself according to the detailed instructions for setting up mega-menus for OpenCart and {SEO-Shop}.

Creating optimal templates for unique meta tags on OpenCart / {SEO-Shop}

As part of this task, we prescribe the correct formulas for automatically generating the values of the Title, Description, Keywords meta tags, as well as the h1 heading for: product cards, categories, manufacturers' pages, static pages, landing pages and blog pages (articles, categories, authors). The template is configured according to the brief filled out by the Client in order to take into account the wishes of the Customer.


What should be the correct SEO-structure, we told in the article "SEO-structure" selling online store on OpenCart: catch the fish big and small !. To create it, you will definitely need a multifunctional SEO filter. Understanding the principles of creating the structure of an online store is just the first step, the second step is preparing a plan for the SEO structure, the third is the introduction of the structure to the site. To facilitate and accelerate the implementation (creation) of the structure of the online store, we have taken care of options for the maximum automation of processes. We will do everything quickly and at an affordable cost.

Count for yourself:

  • It takes 1.5 minutes on average to create one category and link it to the parent category. Accordingly, it takes 25 hours to create 1000 categories.
  • On average, it takes 7 minutes to create one group of filters. Creating 1000 filter groups will take 117 hours.
  • It takes 5 minutes to create one landing manually, with hands and brains :) a content manager (which he should have by the way). Accordingly, 1000 landing is 84 hours.

In total, the creation of the average largest SEO structure for an online store by the hands of a content manager requires approximately 700 hours (4 months and with an average salary of $ 400 will ultimately result in $ 1600. For comparison, the service of automating the creation of an SEO structure and auto-generation of landing pages in our web studio you will cost approximately $ 500 and 14 days.

We wish your business successful development, and we will be happy to help you.

NeoSeo Team

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