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Configuring the module robots.txt generator for OpenCart

Configuring the module Robots.txt generator is done in two stages:

  1. General module settings
  2. Generating the contents of the robots.txt file

To go to the general settings, go to the section Add-ons\Modules\NeoSeo Robots.txt generator (Figure 1)Basic settings are contained in one option Status (Enabled\Disabled). The form of the main module settings is shown in Figure 2. ;width: 900px;" />In order to automatically generate a robots.txt file or fill it out yourself, you need to go to the section System\Tools\robots.txt generator.

The form contains a text field in which you can enter rules. When you click on the “Generate” the contents of the file will be generated, which complies with the robots.txt generation standard and the current CNC for the technical sections of the site, and displayed in the text field. For. to save the changes in the robots.txt file, you must click the “Write” button. An example of setting is shown in Figure 3.

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