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The Manager Orders (editor) for OpenCart 3.0

Version 27

Number of sales: 297

Price: 430 грн. (discounts for webmasters)

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0.

If you need a module for versions 2.1.х, 2.3.х - please go here

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Edit the display format of the orders along with the module Manager ”orders” will allow you to use the most convenient form of accounting is for You! You will be able to add or remove new columns to assign color coding and quickly add methods of delivery and payment. Pick and choose what you want to display in the table. And most importantly – supports search function, which allows you to quickly find the position of the order, which will save not only Your time but also the time of the client that will address any issue.

Features of the module:

  • flexibility;
  • support search function;
  • assigning colors based on the status of your order;
  • support fields simple;
  • to view and edit the order on the same page, not just a few (as in the original version of Open Cart);
  • batch change the status of the selected orders;
  • filter display orders (You will be able to show, for example, only new orders);
  • export orders filtered in the xsl file.

Advanced Manager of orders shown in the figure.


The advantage of the module Manager Orders for OpenCart 3.0 - option to use Widget new ordersto get prompt information about orders, thereby increasing sales.

Discussion, questions and answers, support Manager module for OpenCart Orders in this thread on the forum:

Additional module benefits
  1. Flexibility to configure the module.
  2. Support order search function.
  3. The ability to assign colors, based on the status of the order.
  4. Viewing and editing an order on one page, and not on several (as in the original version of Open Cart).
  5. Batch change the status of selected orders.
  6. Filter display orders (In the order manager, you can display, for example, only new orders).
  7. Exporting filtered orders to an xsl-file.

You are buying:

License cost:
Price: 430 грн. (discounts for webmasters)
(+2 reward points)


Module license:

Free[all functions are provided]

Total to pay:

[ on 1 domain, unlimited, updates for free ]

Enter data:

Extended Support

You can purchase extended module support, which includes:

  • installing and configuring the module on your site;
  • adapting / styling the module to your template;
  • 2 hours of the programmer for individual modifications of the module, which you can use for 365 days.

Extended support cost: from $ $49.

To order extended support or clarify details, write to our Telegram chat.

System Requirements

System requirements: PHP 5.3 - 7.2, ocmod for 2.1

ioncube loader: 6.0 and higher

OpenCart: 2.1, 2.3

License Type: one Domain and its subdomains

Activation method: automatically upon purchase or upon request by mail

Try it for free!
We give everyone a trial license for 14 days!

How to get module files and permanent license in 5 minutes

  • 1

    Add the module to the cart, enter the data, place an order and pay online with a bank card

  • 2

    We will send a confirmation to the specified email (please check the folder "SPAM")

  • 3

    Log in to your account:

  • 4

    Choose a section "Purchases" (view)

  • 5

    Download the latest version of the module files here. (view)

  • 6

    Download the license of the module here (view)

  • 7

    Install the module according to the order described below

Общий порядок установки модуля на примере OpenCart 2.Х (Для остальных версий OpenCart смотрим инструкции внутри архива. Порядок установки может отличаться для некоторых модулей):
  • Не устанавливайте модуль на рабочий сайт не имея на руках ключа Лицензии в т.ч. и тестовой, бесплатной, которая выдается на 14 дней. Устанавливайте самые свежие дистрибутивы, которые Вы получите вместе с ключом лицензии.
  • Распакуйте и загрузите ключ в корень сайта, рядом с robots.txt.
  • step-1 step-2 step-3
  • Если у вас правильно настроен и подключен ftp, то:
  • Установите архив целиком через Дополнения / Установка расширений.
  • Если же OpenCart настроен некорректно, то делаем это вручную:
  • Распакуйте архив с модулем и загрузите содержимое папки upload на сайт.
  • Если в архиве есть файл install.xml, его переименовываете в install.ocmod.xml и загружаете через Дополнения / Установка расширений.
  • Нажмите кнопку "Обновить" на страничке "Дополнения / Модификаторы".
  • Установите модуль посредством меню "Дополнения / Модули".
  • Установите права на просмотр модуля нужным пользователям.
  • Если в процессе установки возникли проблемы, пишите на
  1. Распакуйте архив с модулем и загрузите содержимое папки upload на сайт.
  2. Перейдите в настройки модуля и выполните сохранение настроек.
  3. Обновите модификаторы.
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