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Owners of online stores probably don’t like two things most of all: lack of sales and the routine manual filling of an online store with goods. If you need to make a lot of efforts to solve the first problem, then the second problem is not at all if you use the “Import goods from YML” module from the NeoSeo web studio. Our software solution, as already understood, allows you to import products into your online store from the supplier’s price in the .yml file format.

The module allows you to do everything quickly and in one place, and this is especially important if you work with several suppliers. You can also set individual settings for the transfer of goods for each supplier.

Files can be imported into any selected category of the online store. In addition, you can configure the margin of goods and the choice of currency in which the goods will be presented, even before the start of import, which is very convenient.

Our module not only automatically generates CNC for the product card when uploading to the site from a YML file, but also allows you to choose the type of formation of this CNC itself - using the import tag or system formation.

You can not only upload new products, but also update information about those present on the site. Each product from the supplier’s price has a unique article. When loading goods, the module checks to see if there are goods with the same article on the website. If matches were found, you can, if necessary, update information on this product, and if no matches were found, the module will create a new product position on your site.

You can update:

  • Name of product
  • Product description
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Photos
  • The brand
  • The price
  • Categories (if necessary, update products from selected categories)
  • Model
  • Metadata

Advantages of the module “Import of goods from YML” for online stores on OpenCart v. 3.0 and ocStore v. 3.0:

  • possibility of cooperation with several suppliers
  • individual goods transfer settings for each supplier
  • indication of mark-up for goods upon import
  • indication of the currency in which the goods will be presented in the online store
  • automatic CNC formation for product cards
  • choice of CNC forming method
  • updating products effortlessly
  • the ability to indicate the status of the status of goods in stock from those available in the system (in stock, out of stock, archive)

Let's think logically - the faster you upload products to your website, the faster you will start selling them. Do not forget that your supplier can also cooperate with your competitors, and therefore it is very important for you to upload goods to your site first so that search engines index your site first. Obtain a license for our module and you will get not only an advantage in the speed of loading goods over competitors, but also convenient work for yourself.

Additional module benefits
  1. Supports only YML format;
  2. It supports several modes of operation, which means that you can make unique settings for the prices of each supplier;
  3. Automatic creation of new positions, based on the price list;
  4. The ability to update existing positions, while the administrator can independently configure what information about the product must be updated;
  5. Works both in manual mode and offline;

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