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Technical support
for online stores
{on OpenСart}

  • Your sales and business suffer, because order processing does not work, but your programmer says “yes, yes, now I will do it” and so it's been 2 weeks already?!

  • Your store on OpenСart is working with errors, customers complain more often, and you are already tired of the services of freelancers for which you need to constantly run around?

  • Are you looking for a reliable Partner, who does everything on the specified dates with a guarantee that everything will work tomorrow?

We hurry to help you!

We perform a preliminary assessment within five hours due upon receipt of the application so that you understand the estimated cost of the work.

We proceed to the task within ten days from the date of prepayment

Each of our Clients is provided with a personal account for monitoring the performance of TIMER tasks with per-minute billing

Clients reviews

Great development team. Make tasks of any difficulties. Before that I worked with many companies, NEOSEO is still No. 1 in my opinion. I wish them prosperity.

Roman Orlov,

Some positive emotions while working together with NeoSeo. Very high quality service, always in touch. They helped solve many problems. Very interesting, quality modules. The team has specialists in all areas. After working with this organization, there is no one who wants to return to freelancers or other specialists. I hope for them a long and Productive work together with NeoSeo, also would note the convenience of working with NeoSeo employees through the work area it is very convenient to make dialogues and discuss any tasks. there is no comparison with skype, ICQ and other means of communication at all)) Thanks to NeoSeo, I got the confidence that if I find myself in a bad situation, I know who would help me!!

Dmitry Votly

Excellent company! All professionals doing quickly and quality work. Although a bit more expensive than ordinary companies, but you do not need to redo or finish it later. We work more than two years - everyone is happy!

Vitaliy Karasenko

I want to thank the team of programmers and developers for building the site. This is our third site and we have something to compare with. They are great guys who know what they are doing. Will fulfill any wishes of the customer, always try to do useful services for customers. As a result, very high quality product is obtained, where it is easy to work, both to the user and to the administrator. For my part, I can give the best advice to the whole team of NeoSeo.

Igor Talko

Big thanks to the programmer Alexander, who followed all the agreements and handed over all the improvements to our site on time and professionally. I wish you success and prosperity in your work!

Irina Klisch

I work with this company for several months.Everything is well, no problems or difficult moments at all = work is always on time and high quality. Prices are quite adequate. Very skilled specialists so my problem is solved. I recommend to all this company.

Sasha Dovhanyuk

Well I will say that a very high quality product. Support is also at a high level.

Denys Izviekov

I purchased the module "Synchronization with 1C" - the module is just super! Works 100%, unlike free. Also support was fast enough. Not the first module that I buy in NeoSeo - and in any time I'm convinced of the quality of the modules! Thank you for your work!!!

Сергей Кушниренко

From the very beginning of the work, from the first letter, I liked the cooperation with the team. I purchased a module for synchronization on OpenCart with “MoySklad”. It was necessary to adjust the time, understand what and how it works. The guys gave a couple of weeks of test license. Also I'm using OcStore and a third-party theme, the module became correct right away. As a result, I acquired a permanent license. Support is always promptly responded to my questions, helped, which shows the company's service. Not the first module I use from NeoSeo. I plan to work with these guys and further on the rest of the services. And given the previous experience, I am sure that the quality of services will be on top!

Gena Lavronenko

I've been working with the web studio modules for almost two years. I installed myself NeoSeo “Exchange 1C, Customer Reviews, Backups”. Especially it would be desirable to note the module Exchange 1C - it helped us to finally connect our 1C with the site, although the structure of the goods was not very simple. They also met and if they needed to quickly process / configure the modules for our specific needs. Worked with Alexander and Olya.

Saida Gubjoko

In general, the work of the team is satisfied - the project was completed: Neo Seo started the 4-yoga store from an outdated platform on opencart. Disadvantages: there were non-compliance with deadlines and quick answers to inquiries. advantages: compliance with all (except the timing :)), even oral, arrangements, patience, friendliness, professionalism.

Helena Neshcheret

Excellent team, always come to the rescue if necessary, intelligibly explain if the modules for the OpenCart are not 100% configured, and the modules themselves are made at a high level., I am pleased and I recommend

Konstantin Rusovsky
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Let's solve all your problems!

Advantages of cooperation with our web studio

Dear Customers, our main advantage over competitors, which in turn creates your advantages, is that all our developments are dictated either by the requirements of search engines or are based on the experience that we receive daily in practice in the field of marketing and promotion of the Online stores.

Web-studio NeoSeo

We work under the contract also we give a guarantee when handling any work.

Yes, working with our web studio, which employs 5 full-time programmers, for your comfort, we were able to organize the process in such a way that you would receive an assessment of your tasks within 1-5 hours, and we start the task and finish it, on average up to 10 days from the date of application.

If any programmer does not come to work cause he is sick or other reasons - you will not feel it, his colleague will replace him and perform the task. The work of programmers is monitored daily by account managers and a technical director who always deliver the projects on time.

In the case of a misunderstanding, you can contact our Customer Support Department. You always have the opportunity to contact both the sales manager and the web studio directors.


The lack of any guarantees and responsibility of the work.

Well, very often the Customers come to us and tell the same story about the fact that everything was normal at first, and then, suddenly, the person was changed - "the freelancer took the money and disappeared, does not answer Skype, there's nowhere to look for him". And most importantly, what? - lost a lot of time, the online store continues to work with errors, customers go to competitors...

And it's not at all surprising, strange as it may seem, but, "freelancer" - is an ordinary person who, most often appreciates and loves freedom, he works at home not where you want or don’t want, and there are wife, children and neighbors) The freelancer works as much as he wants, no one decides what it is, the money he received doesn’t depend on the result. Well, apart from all this, we all get sick sometimes from going to a birthday party, on vacation, etc. And you want something to eat and money always isn’t enough, so freelancers often abuse the number of projects in a simultaneous work...

You get benefit from building
an online store on OpenСart with us, because:

We are a full-fledged Team

The staff of our company includes 35 people for all occasions: programming, marketing, technical support. When you become a member of
our family, you will lose this “headache”, we solve any problems.

Specific specialization and experience

17 years of experience as a technical director. We have been working as a studio since 2012, launched more than 100 successful online stores, and developed more than 50 software modules. More than 200 projects are serviced monthly in terms of marketing and
technical support.

Openness and transparency

You follow the execution of tasks from the personal office of the Client, where you can see the time costs, and also conveniently and simply communicate with our employees, directors without intermediaries. If necessary, you can communicate directly with the company's management.

We carry out tasks of any complexity, we always bring the business to the end.

Write your task and get an evaluation on the same day!

How we are working:

  • You provide us with a description of the task

  • Our specialist specifies the details and informs the approximate time required to complete your task.

  • You pay for work hours.

  • We start to work on your task within 10 days.

  • Once the task is done, you can accept the work or give your notes and it will be finalized

  • The work ends when you are convinced that everything is done exactly as you imagined it.

Cost of 1 hour of work

indicated in this table.

A lot of tasks?

Let's discuss individual conditions of cooperation: