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How to recover the site database using the Backup module for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

In order to restore the site from backup module “the Backup” was available for you and you didn't have to worry about losing data on your site, make sure that the module NeoSeo Backup you have installed, configured, and backups are on schedule. And if your website wrong, you can always restore it from the backup.

To begin restoring, go to the recovery panel of Instrumenti -> Backup (see figure below).

After you go to the recovery panel, you can restore the files of your site or restore the site database if it is broken or deleted.

In the open panel, a list of backups created earlier will be available, from which you can recover.

Database Recovery

In order to restore the database from a previously created backup, select the copy you need (at the right date and time) and click the restore database button:

Then a pop-up window will appear warning that depending on the limitations and reliability of the hosting, not everything can go smoothly, and you will have to restore the database via phpmyadmin.

If you are confident in your hosting, feel free to click - OK

Then the database of your site will be replaced with the database from the backup you selected.

If after clicking the button, a window pops up with an error similar to this one:

this means that your hosting does not have enough memory to finish the script and not everything went smoothly. There may be other errors. In this case, you can not be sure that everything will work smoothly, and you need to recover through phpmyadmin or another utility.

Site file recovery

In case you need to restore the files of your site, you need to select the desired backup and click on the button to download the backup

After clicking on the button, a dialog box appears with a choice of where to save the archive with the backup. Choose a place and download it to your computer. After you download the archive with the backup, you will need to unzip it into a folder via FTP or the control panel of your hosting, upload the restored files to your hosting in the folder with the site. After all the files have been copied, the functionality of your site will be restored.

Also note that when configuring the module via Yandex.Disk, the link to download the backup copy is available only in a browser with VPN enabled.

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