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We open an online store: tips for beginners

Do you want to successfully develop your trading business? Without an online store you can not do. Especially for you we will consider the stages of creating an online business: from the idea and ending with profitable sales. After that, you will definitely succeed!

 Create an online store

In the last decade, trade on the Internet began to develop very actively. After all, it is so convenient, when you can not waste time visiting shops, and buy everything you need without leaving home.

However, online trading, like any other type of sales, needs special tools. Only thanks to them, shopping on the Internet can be really comfortable. Thus began to appear electronic payment systems, special platforms for sales and most importantly - online stores.

Now, any buyer can find a thematic site where the goods they need (sometimes highly specialized) are sold. But it's worth mentioning that the system works well in the opposite direction. So, anyone who wants can, with a little preparation, open his Internet store in Ukraine.

How to open your online store: all "for"

Opening an online store

Today, statistics provide good news - the space of Ukrainian Internet trading has a very high potential for growth. And although, it would seem, according to certain indicators, Ukrainians make significantly less online purchases than in other countries, however, the costs in this area reach the level of European consumers.

This once again proves that the opening of an online store is an excellent idea. And with the right approach and the correct organization of actions, profit will not keep you waiting.

On a note!

An interesting fact of the domestic Internet shopping market is that buyers prefer to pay online orders in cash. Only slightly more than 10% of Ukrainians use non-cash payment. For example, Europeans and Americans, on the contrary, mostly prefer to use bank cards for the same purposes.

Despite a lot of arguments, you still doubt how profitable online business can be? Our next recommendations once again prove that with a thoughtful plan you can not escape success!

And maybe you have no doubts, but there are a lot of questions that you would like to get answers to? In this article, we look in detail at all stages of the formation of a successful online business with the opening of a selling online store on the OpenCart platform.

Opening an online store: where to start?

  1. Business idea. Many beginning entrepreneurs immediately think about how to issue an online store documented. And this is fundamentally the wrong approach. First of all, you need to start with an idea. Business should bring profit, and self-employment by the direction chosen by you is a pleasure. For this reason, first think carefully about what is interesting to you. Then study the niche. Competitors need to know in person. In addition, their example can tell you really working ideas. But, at the same time, your proposal should be to some extent unique. This will ensure a constant influx of customers.
  2. Suppliers and delivery of goods. Then decide where you will buy the goods. Find responsible and trusted suppliers. Specify, what discounts can you offer in the future. Also, immediately solve the issue of delivery and payment of goods to customers. This is no less important.
  3. Site development. After you have carefully thought out the idea, it's time to start creating a site on which your online store will be located. To do this, you will certainly need the help of NeoSeo web studio specialists who will develop a selling SEO store with the correct SEO structure, adaptive design and ready for successful promotion.
  4. Advertising and website promotion. After the development of the online store immediately it is worth thinking about advertising. She may be:
  • visual (banner);
  • on search terms (contextual);
  • oriented to a specific target audience (targeted), etc. Experts of web-studio NeoSeo will help you with successful search engine promotion of a web resource.
  1. Documentation. As for directly registering an online store for documents, it makes sense to do it if you are going to cooperate with large companies. Such companies simply refuse to deal with unregistered entrepreneurs.

How to create a website for an online store?

Create a website

To create a website for an online store, you can do it yourself, or you can use the services of qualified specialists. Let's consider both variants.

Option number 1. Website in-house. This is an excellent option for those who have a small start-up capital and simply do not have the means to pay for the services of specialists. The only drawback of this option is that to create a full-fledged site from scratch, you need certain knowledge. If you do not have them initially, you will have to spend time studying information and attending courses. But this is not an insurance against trial and error.

Another option is to use the site builder. To create a platform for an online store in this way will be many times simpler. It should be taken into account that the designer has a certain strictly limited functionality.

Option number 2. Site developed by specialists. If you want the Internet store to work for you, then you can not do without the help of specialists. In this case, it is best to contact those companies that are engaged in SEO-promotion. In this case, you will create a website that will fully meet all the requirements of search engines. So, your online store will be on the first page of the issue and attract more buyers. NeoSeo web studio specialists will provide you with a selling SEO-store that successfully promotes and provides sales.

The only minus of the site, ordered from specialists, is that it costs a certain amount of money. Not all start-up entrepreneurs can afford such a service. But even if you can not order promotion now, you can always return to this in the future.

On a note!

It is also better to order advertising in specialized agencies. There are many of its varieties. You will be picked up by the most suitable (by cost, by time of action and other parameters), and soon you will see the result.

Do you want your online store to work fine from the first days, but your budget is limited? Then you can use the services of specialists for a minimum. For example, order only the most necessary work. And you can configure additional functions with time.

How to choose a niche for an online store?

Choosing a niche for the store

Beginning entrepreneurs may feel that the flow of customers to their online store will depend solely on the popularity of the product chosen for sale. However, this is not the case. It is possible to sell equally successfully products of the most various orientation. The main thing is to remember that the following factors are incredibly important in any business:

  • product quality;
  • cost of goods;
  • constant availability of goods;
  • cost and quality of delivery.

In addition, customers pay attention to the service. If you do business on your own, then always stay extremely polite with customers. If you have managers, then they should be taught separately. Otherwise, you risk losing customers.

In order to better understand the chosen direction of trade, visit the sites of your successful competitors. On their example you can get a lot of useful information. Also worth a visit and other popular online stores, not related to your subject. This, too, you will definitely come in handy.

Try to study the area of ​​online sales that you are interested in as thoroughly as possible. The more you understand it, the easier it will be for you to be guided in creating a business. Moreover, you can achieve the desired results much faster.

And again about the advantages of creating an online store

Do you still doubt whether the opening of an online store is such a good idea? Then you just need to learn about the advantages of online business. And they have a lot of online store. Now we list only the general benefits. But remember that in each specific case there can be even more. This will already depend on the capabilities of your chosen niche. So, the advantages of the online store are as follows:

The number of purchases made will not depend on the time and day of the week. Buyers can make orders even when you have long had a rest.

The number of buyers will not depend solely on your location. You can send orders to customers across the country or even beyond. Thanks to this, your profits will grow.

In this case, opening a store in the Internet space will cost you much cheaper than opening the same store offline. You do not have to pay for renting premises, hiring employees, making out a lot of papers and stuff.

Convenient system of accounting and search for goods. With the help of special filters or a search string, customers can very quickly find the necessary products and make a choice.

In addition, due to the lack of costs for renting premises and some other expense items, you can reduce the price of individual products in your online store. And this will additionally attract the interest of buyers.

You are guaranteed a large audience of customers. After all, the Internet space helps to overcome many boundaries.

And this is not even all the advantages that the Internet store has.

In addition, opening an online business is a faster process than opening an offline store. Yes, and advertising the latter option will cost an order of magnitude more. Another undeniable advantage of the online store is that with a great desire you can open it and run it for several weeks. In offline business, this is impossible under any circumstances.

Online business

And if to all the rest you also use the services of qualified professionals, then the opening of the online store will happen quickly and at a very high organizational level. Web-studio NeoSeo is ready to offer you services of development and promotion of the selling online store on the platform of OpenCart. Please!

We are always happy to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


Решил открыть свой интернет магазин хэндмейд товаров, но не знал с чего начать и на днях нашел классную пошаговую инструкцию. С помощью нее я придумал название и выбрал платформу для своего интернет-магазина. Всем советую!

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