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How to sync the meta tags of 1C:Enterprise module data Exchange for online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore?

On standard system 1C:Enterprise is intended solely for the solution of accounting issues. Sometimes Clients start downloading the content, adding pictures, meta tags, description - in General, everything that should not be stored.

Therefore, our software solution, module communication, embedded this functionality in the 1C:Enterprise system can have a items property with the name seo_title and the value of this property automatically fall into the appropriate field in the products table.

A complete list of supported attribute names:

  1. The field H1 can be specified as: "seo_h1" or "meta_h1"
  2. SEO Title field can be specified as: "seo_title", "meta_title" or "html title tag"
  3. SEO Description field can be specified as: "seo_description", "meta_description" or "META Description"
  4. The field keywords can be specified as: "seo_keyword" or "meta_keyword"
  5. Field Tags can be specified as: "seo_tags", "meta_tags", "seo_tag" or "meta_tag"


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