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What is interesting is your Assembly {SEO-store} model "Next"? What SEO modules it needs?

If you decided to ask for advice on the necessary SEO modules and, if asked whether further "seo_pro", etc., then it seemsthat you do not fully understand our product, let's do it together :).

For the development platorm {SEO-store} model "Next" for a basis we took ocStore 2.1, which already includes seo_pro, it is not necessary to additionally install.

Notice that in this platform we have put our signature 15 SEO modules that solve many issues, "naked OpenCart / ocStore". The number of these modules joined our unique program on the market for OpenCart – an Automatic generator of thousands of landing pages, so you can create SEO structure in your online store as quickly as possible. Here is a list of SEO modules that are in {SEO-store} model "Next":

  1. SEO filter products
  2. Automatic generator landing pages
  3. Generator CNC and metadata
  4. Site map
  5. The data markup (JSON-LD)
  6. Show more in the category
  7. Tracking broken links
  8. Manager redirects
  9. Source order
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Manager CNC URLs to technical topics
  12. Generator robots.txt
  13. Proper SEO-multilingual
  14. Proper SEO pagination
  15. Yandex.Metric

This is incredible value for such a platform. To verify this, just prosummers the cost of our individual solutions, which are included in {SEO-store} model "Next" by default. Many of these modules we successfully sell and are constantly making improvements for several years.

The platform {SEO-store} model "Next", we have also established a special development – Master quick start the online store so that anyone can create, customize, fill and run the ads yourself, without programmers, designers, marketers. Just follow the simple steps in the Wizard.

Depending on the task, you can choose additional modules to promote their online store as well as from other developers. In this Assembly you can install any modules that are adapted for OpenCart/ocStore 2.1. A full list of available add-ons presented on our website.

The framework version does not matter in relation to the concept of "novelty", unless you Gonesse blind for the last numbers. Recommend to look at the "shortcut version", but on more objective indicators that directly affect the value creation selling online store.


  1. The performance of the online store, quality platform, the presence of "bugs" on the layout and interaction of the assembled modules.
  2. On indicators of quality of interaction with customers, the availability of modern adaptive design, which is convenient to view the desktop, tablet, phone. Buying {SEO-store} model "Next" you will be able to:
    • to customize the color scheme or choose from 8 ready;
    • to make changes to customise a theme available 100 settings;
    • edit all design files (PSD).
  3. On the performance of its functional equipment. In our Assembly, for example, in addition to those SEO modules mentioned above, already standing and prepared to work 103 useful module, including the Exchange with 1C:Enterprise, Multiexport on the marketplace (Rozetka,, Google Shopping), one-page checkout, very handy widgets on the main admin panel. In addition to modules take into account that buying our build you will not need to make any edits on technical SEO.
  4. In terms of speed and page loading.
  5. You don't have to run around and collect the "hodgepodge" of the commercially available modules from different developers that it is not clear how work with each other, weeks of collecting responses, misunderstanding how it all linked together.
  6. You don't have to run around looking and refinements for each individual developer over a particular improvement. Changes in modules and support - no problem, all you need to quickly modify your project and business goals.
  7. No additional hassle with templates. You don't need to buy, install and "pull" additionally, some Templates for OpenCart/ocStore and spend the time and money. Platform {SEO-store} model "Next" is already installed responsive and modern template, which is conveniently viewed on mobile and PC and easy to customize for Your group of goods. Choose the type of horizontal or vertical menu, add or remove blocks - all made from the administrative part of the online store!
  8. {SEO-store} model "Next" is not just a template or theme that are sold separately, and which still need to be installed on "naked" OpenCart/ocStore. You don't need to spend more time on creating a CMS, we've put it all together. Just download and install on your hosting, follow the simple guidelines of the Wizard, quick launch and open the online store!

We hope that this article was useful to you.

Always happy to help,

NeoSeo Team.

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