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Smart shopping campaign Google Ads: working principle and advantages

We do the obligatory setting up the ad Google Shopping when you create the shops, because it allows you to immediately start attracting interested traffic to run positive SEO promotion and get sales immediately after release from development.

Smart shopping campaign in Google Ads is an easy way to receive orders with the help of combining the two ad formats: shopping campaigns and dynamic remarketing.

Examples of work

This advertising format is displayed in search results and the "purchased"tab.

And helps to "catch up" user dynamic remarketing.

Connectivity requirements

To connect to the smart shopping campaign is possible if all three requirements:

  1. In Google Adwords is going to the audience through remarketing tag or transmitted data from Google Analytics;

You can check this in the tab "Settings"-"Manager audiences".

  1. Conversions are recorded through Google Analytics and Adwords and transferred their value is;

You can check this at "Settings"-"Conversion".


  1. Abuse Google Ads.

Creating a smart shopping campaign

Create an advertising campaign in the "Campaigns" tab by clicking "" (Add).

Choose "New campaign".

Choose the goal of the campaign "Without purpose."

Now select "Trade".

In the window that appears, select the desired Google Merchant Center account, country and subtype of "Smart shopping" campaign. If the account is already created smart shopping campaign, it will indicate a warning.

In your campaign settings you can set only 2 elements:

  1. Advertising budget;
  2. Rate. The default is the maximum value of conversions.

You can also set a target return on investment in advertising (ROI), for example, 1000%, allowing to obtain for the revenue amount of$ 1000 to$ 100 costs.

Ad creation

The system does not allow to create multiple ad groups, but you can create ads for it in the first place to select products for advertising.

To choose can be passed to Google Merchant Center feed data.

Next, fill in:

  • Image;
  • Short title;
  • Long title;
  • Description;
  • URL.

The logo created in your Google Merchant Center tab in the "Brand" will be used in the ad automatically.

After that, the campaign will begin to bring traffic, fulfilling its objectives.

The principle of operation and efficiency

You can only control settings "Budget" and "Strategy", the rest of the system runs itself on the basis of Google's algorithms.

Additional features of the campaign:

  • Default ad will be shown across the country, sales;
  • The first two weeks, the algorithm is trained on the data received, so don't jump to conclusions;
  • In the first days of may to spend more than the specified daily budget;
  • You cannot cancel a show like certain keywords or placements;
  • It is impossible to cancel or limit the display in the search or network KMS;
  • It is forbidden to specify the schedule of the show.


Smart shopping campaign will help get maximum results with minimum effort and time. If You need assistance in setting up effective ad, leave your request and we will contact You.



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