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How to change the status of availability of goods in the warehouse of 1C:Enterprise module data Exchange for online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

As we all know, Opencart tend to assign the status of the product “In stock” as long as the balance is not zero. But as soon as the balance became zero or negative, instead of "In stock" displays the status that is specified on the item card, in the column "Lack of stock".

The “Data Exchange” module from NeoSeo allows you to transfer the value of this status directly from 1C: Enterprise, which will be convenient for those who prefer not to drop into the store at all.

For this purpose, in the details of the product in 1C: Enterprise, create a requisite with the name Status and specify its value, for example, “Waiting for 1-2 weeks”. It is important that this value is also created in the online store. In terms of upload format, it will look like this:


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