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What to do if there is a 405 error when installing {SEO-Store}, model "A"?

If during installation of {SEO-Store}, model “A”, a 405 error occurs, then this error is caused by the fact that hosting has a limit on the execution time of the script (on shared hosting, usually 30 seconds). If you increase this parameter (max_execution_time) there is no possibility, then the upload to the database does not fit into the time allotted to it.

The solution to this problem:

  1. Increasing the max_execution_time parameter in php (very often hosters limit this parameter, you can request a temporary increase from them as one of the options)
  2. To import the database through the import of the database in the hosting control panels or via phpmyadmin or the adminer, they allow you to break the pouring process into several stages and, if the database did not work for the first load, download the data
  3. Change the hoster, which will not put such rigid restrictions.

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