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Configure backup using Google Drive for online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

In order to configure the Module “Backup” using Google Drive you must go into the module settings and in the tab "Parameters", paragraph "Where to save" it is necessary to choose Google Drive.

To configure the remaining fields - “Client id”, “Client secret”, “Api key”, go to the google API key management console


In the top menu you need to click the “Select Project” button

Next, in the window that opens, click the “CREATE A PROJECT” button

Then indicate the name of the project (arbitrary) and click the “CREATE” button

After that, you need to click the “Select Project” button again and select the project that you just created in the window that opens.

Next, in the “Credentials” tab, click the “Create Credentials” button

In the menu that appears, select “API Key”

In the window that appears, copy the key, close the window. Insert the key in the “API key” field in the module settings.

Insert the key in the “API key” field in the module settings.

Now you need to click on the "Create Credentials" button and select "OAuth Client Identifier".

Next, click the “Configure Access Request Window” button

In the “Application Name” field, specify an arbitrary name.

A little lower, in the “Authorized Domains” field, enter the name of your site (without http: // or https: //) and press the Enter button.

A block with the name of your site should appear above the input field:

Save settings

Click the Create Credentials button again and select OAuth Client Identifier.

Specify “Application Type” - “Web Application”. Enter any name in the “Name” field and click the “Create” button

After creation, a window appears with the client id and client secret - they must be copied and transferred to the appropriate fields in the module.

Then, you need to go to the editor of this web client.

Here you can copy the keys of the client, if before this window with the keys is not displayed.

Further, in the module settings, you need to copy the address for the response after activating the account - the "Link for response from Google console" field. This link must be inserted into the client settings in the "Allowed redirect URIs" item.

Press ENTER (Enter) so that the link appears above in the block above the input field and save the changes:

In the module settings, you now need to enter the name of the folder (located on Google disk, backup copies will be saved here) - for example, "backup" in the "Directory" item.

You must also enable the Google Drive API in

To do this, go to, then select “API and Services” - “Library” from the menu on the left

In the search bar, type "drive" and select the option found with the name Google Drive Api

then you need to press the “enable” button

After turning on Google recommends waiting a few minutes for the settings to take effect.

Now you need to save the module settings.

After saving the settings, you must click the link "Connect to Google Drive" in the "Api key".

It happens that some browsers block pop-ups - you need to enable and follow the link.

Next, you need to allow connection to your Google account.

You may be asked to log in to Google first. If for some reason the window did not open or redirected to the wrong place, you can repeat this procedure by clicking on the "Connect to Google Drive" link. Upon successful activation, you will see such an alert.

Then you can test the connection by clicking on the "Test Connection" button

At this point, setting up backups using Google Drive is complete.

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