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Discounts in the online store as a marketing tool

How to attract customers and increase the revenue of an online store? Take on arms discounts and promotions - and your satisfied customers will gladly make more than one purchase!

In the world of online business, an important role is played by the ability to form a successful marketing strategy and successfully play on the introduction of all kinds of shares and raffles to increase the number of sales. The availability of different bonuses, discount cards and personal offers have customers to buy in your online store, thereby increasing turnover and, of course, income.

Discounts in the online store as a marketing tool

Discounts in the online store: when they are appropriate?

In order to use such a marketing strategy, as discounts, you need to know when and how to use them. The introduction of discount offers at the right time contributes to increased traffic and sales growth. However, if you do not understand well in this issue and use this marketing move, you can get huge losses and cause severe damage to your business. In order to avoid such a situation, we recommend that you contact marketers from NeoSeo, they will analyze the market and make a win-win strategy for doing business with your online store.

Undoubtedly, the discounts have many positive moments, for example, you can track how many new customers you have gained thanks to them. In this article we will look at the types of discounts, and when it is better to start using this marketing move.

Each discount has a specific purpose

In e-commerce, there are three main reasons for introducing discounts that every owner of an online store can use:

  1. Increase in turnover.
  2. Attract new customers.
  3. Getting rid of stale goods.

Depending on what purpose you pursue, and choose one or another type of discounts.Types of discounts

How to achieve the maximum effect from discounts

As part of developing an online business strategy, you need to choose the most effective marketing method in order to expand the client base, increase turnover and reach a new level of revenue. We offer you several options for using discounts:

  1. Reward for loyalty. This method works in such a way as to establish good relations with existing customers. You offer a discount to a regular customer after the first purchase, thus making the main focus not on finding new customers, but on establishing good relations with the already existing ones.
  2. Collaboration with bloggers. For today, this is perhaps one of the most advanced types of advertising. Bloggers are people on whom thousands of people are subscribed; to their opinion unequivocally listen. You can pay the blogger for advertising and send your goods. In turn, the blogger will make a video review and create a post about your online store. Thus, you will attract a large number of potential buyers to your site, as well as significantly increase traffic.
  3. Abandoned baskets. If you send a discount coupon to those people who stayed on your site, but for some reason did not complete the purchase, you can get some of them back to your online store.
  4. Attract new customers. Many shops often use this strategy, especially it is popular in social networks. The main point is that if, on your recommendation, a new customer comes to the online store, he will receive a discount, for example, at 5%, and you - at 10%. If you bring three potential customers, you will get a discount of 20-30%. Total losses in profits are recovered by attracting new customers.

The unreasonable use of discount offers can also lead to big losses, so it's better to consult with specialists: is there a need to use this marketing tool to expand the client base. Internet marketers from NeoSeo will help you understand this difficult issue.

Types of discounts

Let's take a closer look at the question of what types of discounts and stocks you can use in your online store to increase the base of potential customers and increase sales.

  1. Accessories. For greater turnover, you can use this simple trick, which is to offer the customer basic purchase of additional goods and accessories at a discount. This technique is also called "cross-selling technique."
  2. More for the same cost. As the statistics show, many people respond well to the offer to buy goods for the same money, but received in exchange more. For example, all known advertising ketchup, where for the usual price you get 25% more volume of the product.
  3. Holiday discounts. All of us have long been accustomed to discounts and promotions for the New Year, the day of all lovers. Eyes run away from what to choose. A good idea is to make a promotion for a less massive holiday when your competitors are inactive. Thus, you will increase your chances that it is your store that will attract the buyer's attention.
  4. Action "Bring a friend." A lot of shops use this technique, thus expanding the base of potential customers. It sounds like this: bring a friend and get a discount of 100 hryvnia for the goods.
  5. Use of promotional codes. An important rule for using promotional codes is the ease in calculating discounts and the absence of restrictions on the date of use. Many stores use this offer to make the first purchase.
  6. Charging bonuses for activity in social networks. Many online stores use this technique to raise traffic. Customers are offered a discount on the goods for "like" and repost the page.
  7. Offers a week or a month. If you work with mailing, you can also use this method. It is to offer the customer to buy the goods of the week at a reduced price. This will increase the attendance of the store, stimulate sales and increase revenues.
  8. Loyalty program for customers. This system of discounts can afford only huge online stores. The concept of this method is as follows: for each purchase, the client has bonuses, having accumulated a certain number of which, he can use as payment for the next purchase.
  9. Pre order. If you are going to sell something new or ordered a lot of extraordinary things, you can offer your customers to buy them first and at a discounted price.
  10. Exclusive order. The feeling that it is in your online store you can buy quality items at an exclusive discount - this is a very effective marketing tactic. It works best on your subscribers on social networks.Choosing the ideal option for business promotion

Which version of the suggested discount offers will work in your online store, you can learn only by experimenting. Or you can contact our specialists from the NeoSeo web studio who will study the situation in the market more thoroughly and offer you the ideal way to promote your business.


Of course, there is a category of customers who hunt for discounts, but when the price becomes the same, they simply do not return to the online store. You need to focus your attention only on those discount offers that will help attract regular customers to your online store and bring you to a decent and stable income. NeoSeo team wishes prosperity to your online business!


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