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How to specify multiple categories for a product in the module "data Sharing" for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore?

Often, one item must be present in several categories. For example, the case of the phone may be in the category of cases in the category of accessories.

There are a few solutions to this issue.

Option 1 - modify the 1C:Enterprise to be able to install multiple product categories and the sub categories were extracted correctly, namely, in the following format:


In this case, the module “data Sharing” will install from 4 categories for a product.

If refinement 1C:Enterprise is not suitable for whatever reason, then you can use option 2.

Directly on the product, specify the attribute Category and set it comma-separated category names on the website, indicating the full path from the root. For example:

The Phones Covers, Phones Accessories

In this case, the module will find these categories on the website, will create missing, and prescribe to the product under all 3 categories:

  • Phones
  • Phones \ Covers
  • Phones \ Accessories

If the option "set the parent category" is disabled, prescribe only those two categories that you set.

Also, to save processing time, you can not register the names of the categories and their codes according to opencart (category_id):

125, 126

The effect will be completely the same, but the backend will be several times faster due to the fact that he would not seek a category in the database by name.

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