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Configuration of the module loyalty Program "Bonusplus" for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

Description of the module “Bonusplus”

  1. When ordering authorized buyer, to which is attached a bonus card (the sync occurs on the phone of the buyer. If the buyer initiated the system of "loyalty program Bonusplus" and the phone number is the same, then after syncing to the buyer on the website will be linked card loyalty program, and subsequent will be updated information on the map and history of operations), and with the proper settings of the module will be assessed bonus points to the buyer for the purchase.
  2. The opportunity to apply the bonus points available to customers to which the card is linked.
  1. Bonus points will be deducted from the buyer's account and accrued for the purchase only if the order is assigned the status that is selected in the module settings in the "Status of completed order" option.
  2. Bonus points will be returned to the buyer's account and debited for the purchase only if the order is assigned the status that is selected in the module settings in the option “Status of canceled order”.
  3. View card data and customer transaction history in customer editing:
  4. View data on the map and the history of the buyer’s operations in the customer’s account.

Module installation

  1. Request a license key by email, while indicating:
  • The name of the site on which you purchased the module. For example
  • your nickname on this site, for example, alexsoftdev
  • order number on this site, for example 355446
  • The main site domain for license activation, for example
  • test domain for development site, for exampleа
  1. Unzip and upload the key to the root of the site, next to robots.txt
  1. Unzip the archive with the module and upload the contents of the upload folder to the site
  1. Install the module through the menu Extras \ Extras \ Modules
  2. Install the module using the menu Add-ons \ Add-ons \ Consider in order
  3. Set the right to view the module to the necessary users in the System \ Users \ User Groups section
  4. Update modifiers (Add-ons \ Add-ons Manager)

Module setup

In order to be able to synchronize with the BonusPlus loyalty system, you must specify the cashier code in the module settings. You can get the cashier code in the settings in your account via the link. The cashier must have maximum rights.

In order to configure periodic synchronization with the loyalty system, you need to configure the script to run on a schedule (cron). The link to the script is specified in the module settings. You can specify how to schedule the script to run on schedule in your hosting TP.

In order to provide customers with the opportunity to use bonus points, it is necessary to enable the "Neoseo Loyalty Program" BonusPlus "" module for OpenCart in the Add-ons \ Add-ons \ Account in the order section and indicate the sort order. The sort order must necessarily be greater than the sort order of the Subtotal module.

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