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Combine installation prices on options and goods between 1C:Enterprise module and data Exchange for online store, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x

Opencart requires a separate installation of price options, and a separate installation of price of the goods.

There are two solution to the problem.

The first option:

1. In the settings of the module “data Sharing” on the tab “Options” select "Price options" and set "As is".

2. Set in the 1C:Enterprise price even on the product itself, without modifications, setting the minimum price of the options.

3. Set any module that adds to the options price changes with the symbol "=".

4. Add a script that overwrites the modifier price "=" after the exchange.

As a result, you and the options with the right prices and the price of goods is defined using 1C:Enterprise.

But sometimes this is not an option, and then you need to use the second:

1. In the settings exchange module on the tab “Options” select "Price options" and set "Product a minimum price, options plus to her."

Let's look at how it works.

Let's say you have a product shoes:

  • sneakers, size 42 - $ 100
  • sneakers, size 44 - $ 120
  • shoes, size 46 - 140 roubles

In this case, the product, the sneakers will be priced at $ 100, and options will gain the following modifications:

  • sneakers, size 42 - $ 0
  • sneakers, size 44 - 20 rubles
  • shoes, size 46 - 40 rubles

In the end, if the buyer chooses a 42-th size, he will get 100 $ 0 for size 42 actually the same 100 rubles. And if you choose 46, we have received 100 rubles 40 rubles per size, almost the same 140 rubles.

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