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Periodic problem with the license in the server logs when you install a module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore

You occasionally encounter errors that indicate problems with the license in the server logs, but the module works, and other problems is not observed?

If the error has the form:

PHP Fatal error: 
The encoded file /home/demo/public_html/ requires a license file.
The license file /home/demo/public_html/ is not valid for this server. in Unknown on line 0

this means that periodically your server come under a different domain. Someone mistakenly wrote that his domain matches the ip of your server.

Also, you can use the service to determine domain name by ip, for example Enter the ip of the server and check whether your domain is displayed. If you see the error shown above, your domain you are unlikely to find in the site name.

This situation does not apply to problems with the module.