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Is it possible the name and product description in multiple languages in the module "data Sharing" for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart

Usually all texts on goods are carried out in the online store, but if you for some reason want to store all texts, including title, description, and their localized version of 1C:Enterprise, the company NeoSeo in the module “data Sharing” has provided for you such an opportunity.

Implemented quite simply. In the item card in 1C:Enterprise you add details with the name of "naimenovaniya". For example, naimenovaniya, naimenovaniya, naimenovanie.

The language code you should look in the admin area of the store:

Here the Code column is the language code that you need. So, you create the details with the name and details with the description. After that, start the exchange and that's it. You do not need to enable any options, the exchange module will automatically pick up and process localized details.


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