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How to send a message using the module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore

Modol “SMS widget provides a programmatic interface for sending messages to buyers and administrators.

If you use the module on Opencart, then you need to make the following call:

OpenCart version 2.0-2.2

$ this-> load-> model ('module / neoseo_sms_notify');

$ this-> model_module_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendMessage ($ phone, $ message);

$ this-> model_module_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendAdminMessage ($ message);

OpenCart version 2.3

$ this-> load-> model ('extension / module / neoseo_sms_notify');

$ this-> model_extension_module_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendMessage ($ phone, $ message);

$ this-> model_extension_module_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendAdminMessage ($ message);

If you use the admin panel, then you can do the following way

$ this-> load-> model ('tool / neoseo_sms_notify');

$ this-> model_tool_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendMessage ($ phone, $ message);

$ this-> model_tool_neoseo_sms_notify-> sendAdminMessage ($ message);

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