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What are function attributes? And how to use it?

Attributes are advanced product features.Атрибути

For example, in the product card you need to display its advanced characteristics.

To do this, you should enter the data in the "Attribute Group", which can be found in "Directory"> "Attributes"> "Attribute Groups".

Next, for each group of attributes we assign attribute values, for example, for the Dimensions group we assign the values Width, Height, Length.

Important! Register in all languages that are installed in your store.

In order for the Characteristics to appear on the product card, you must enter the attributes for the corresponding product. To do this, go to "Catalog"> "Products" and select the desired product.

After clicking on the edit button in the "Attributes" tab, enter all the necessary data:

Moreover, the attributes you need will appear from the drop-down list:

Result on the product card: