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Why is it better to hire an OpenCart programmer on outsource , and not look for a company staff?

In this article we will look at all the pros and cons of hiring a programmer to work with an online store on OpenCart in the company's staff according to the outsource model, and a temporary hiring of a programmer at the web-studio "NeoSeo".

Do you think that $ 17 / hour is expensive? In fact, it's only at first look, let's explain together:

Objection # 1. Expensive.

The first objection of the owner of an online store on OpenCart is the price, often calculations are made correctly.

Our experience in finding employees suggests that finding a qualified specialist to work with a payment less than $ 1500 per month is just unreal for a long time, not to mention the fact that if you use the services of professional "hunters", it's also expensive, because the last will take from you a monthly salary of a specialist for their services.

Accordingly, even if you find an OpenCart programming specialist in a month or two, simple calculations show that it is "very clear" - 9 USD / hour (we assume that he will be able to work 170 hours per month). We admit that even we are not able to squeeze out such productivity.

In fact, believe our experience, at best case he will "squeeze out" 120 effective hours out of himself. And this automatically means that his hour of work will already be not 9, but 12.5 $ / hour.

And this we just started!

Add costs to organize your workplace …

Renting an office, buying and damping a computer, electricity, tea / coffee and other employment issues ... You can safely throw in another 20 percent. Either subtract 20% of the effective hours if the employee will work remotely.

Taxes, sick leave, vacations.

Thus, we easily get everything 20-25 $ / hour, less in any way.

And this we only considered the issue of value, and now take into account the issues of hiring, confidentiality and possible data leakage, because today a person "came from the street", worked for a month and left, what guarantees that he will not "do wonders"??


The question of the quality of work and dependence on "one person" deserves special attention.

Also a pretty good reason, because if a person is sick, who will replace him? Who will be able to understand his "code"? Who in your case will check the result and organization of the programmer's work?

Who in your case will perform the technical statement and adjustment of the task? Take into account that in the case of hiring an employee in the state, you get a serious risk of deteriorating the quality of your project to the point that nobody can or will not work with it, and then it will have to be rewritten from zero..

As we see, in addition to the issue of the cost of the specialist's work, where the savings is hard to see, in fact there are still no less important issues - the organization and the quality of its work.

And finally, it often turns out that in reality, to solve all your problems, you need an expert for 2-3 months of work.

Will not this "pseudo-savings" be twice as expensive ?!

And what do you think? waiting for your comments below,

Team NeoSeo.


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