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Brain API Integration Service

«Where have you been with your integration before ...» is the most common phrase of online shop owners who have decided to synchronize the work of the site and Brain API. So here we are, and always ready to integrate your web resource. If you need synchronization with the Brain API, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all its stages.

Integration of the OpenCart Online Store (ocStore) and Brain API - all steps A to Z

If you know what to expect from the Integration of Online Store with Brain API service - great! Fill out the brief with the exact instructions for what to do. If you do not know, the experts of the web studio NeoSeo will help you to understand. But in any case you will have to fill the brief. Without it, we do not start work. It is also necessary for us to understand what you need to work on and for you to monitor the execution and to know what data will be synchronized.

Setting up a site and Brain API integration consists of 4 main steps:

  1. Installation of the module is the easiest (for a «stuffed» hand) and at the same time the most important step, without which the following settings are impossible. When the module is installed, a basic connection is made. To enter the site, login and password are entered, after which the categories required for uploading are selected. If necessary, you can specify links of categories with existing ones. Making multiple connections to existing categories can take a long time, but much less than creating new categories.
  2. Configure the creation and updating of product data. This stage involves adjusting the initial statuses of the goods with the possibility of subtraction from the warehouse, the function to enable or disable the goods when creating, updating the description, attributes, images, filters and manufacturer.
  3. Starting a test exchange. Needed to fix the time of the exchange. The synchronization process can take about three days, and may take several minutes, depending on the number of categories selected. The information provided about the duration of the exchange makes it possible to understand what time interval it is necessary to specify to start the main exchange in order to eliminate the overlay and blocking of the process of integration between the Online Store and the Brain API.
  4. Setting up a quick update on product balances and prices is the last step in setting up integration with the Brain API. It also depends on the duration of the exchange, so, based on the data obtained from the test exchange, the desired startup interval is set in the master schedule.

It takes about 6 hours to integrate the online store with the Brain API. This time is indicated only for setting the main functionality, which can be expanded according to your wishes: to make a mark-up for the product, to set another type of price in another currency, to associate with the current categories of other suppliers and more. But it will take more time to expand the functionality.

Contact NeoSeo web studio specialists and we guarantee that after the briefing is delivered to our specialists, your site and will work as one. With you brief - with us quality and fast integration with the Brain API.

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