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All about registering an online store

Do you want to establish a successful trading business? Then you can not do without an online store. How to properly register it - read in our article.

When you just open an online store, the registration of business documents may seem superfluous to you. After all, for everything else, it takes a lot of time. If you are engaged in sales as a hobby, from time to time, and you do not have many buyers, then, perhaps, you are right. However, those who want to take the business to a serious level, you just need to formalize your own online store. We need to explain why this is necessary and how to do it.

Advantages of creating an online store

Advantages of creating an online store

At first glance, it may seem that from the legalization of business only one problem. It is necessary to constantly take the declaration, idle in the queues. To spend in large quantities such a precious resource as time. Yes, and taxes will need to be paid, regardless of how much profit you have received.

However, the medal has a downside. You simply can not enter into contracts with suppliers and other companies if the online store is not registered. In addition, many large firms will refuse to cooperate with you. So without the registration of your own business on documents you can not do.

Types of registration online store

There are two ways to design an Internet business:

  • as IE - an individual entrepreneur;
  • as a limited liability company.

Individual entrepreneur (or ФОП, Ukr.physical person-person) is the simplest way. In this case, you will need a minimum of documents. If you are the sole owner of an online store, it will be enough to register as a FLP. But keep in mind that even in the future you will not be able to document your partner. This is not stipulated by law.

It is also impossible to sell or re-register FLP. Such a business can only be closed. But this moment will not cause difficulties

Ltd. (or ТОВ, Ukrainian Association for Interpretation) - this option should be chosen if you are planning to develop a large business. In addition, experts advise to execute LLC in the event that you have partners. Thus, all the rights and obligations of each business owner will be spelled out in the documents, which will avoid misunderstandings in the future.

If you wish, you can always sell or re-register an online store registered as an LLC. You can close it, but this will have to spend a lot of time and money.

How to register FLP?

Before proceeding with the registration of an individual entrepreneur, you should select the code of the type of economic activity according to the KVED (classifier of economic activities). Use the official classifier website for this. However, be careful, choosing the wrong code can lead to delays in the processing of documents. In fact then it is necessary to alter registration applications and again to wait, while it will process.

As for the registration of an individual entrepreneur, it can be done independently by authorized bodies or via the Internet. Let's consider in detail both ways of registration.

Registration in authorized bodies

Registration in authorized bodies

Applying for registration. First of all, you will need to go to the "Center for the provision of administrative services" at the place of your residence and make a statement there. Be sure to bring your passport and identification code - without them anywhere. You will also need a code for the type of economic activity in the KVED. As mentioned above, you must determine it in advance.

Within three working days your application will be processed and you will receive an extract of the registration of the individual entrepreneur.

Taxation. After you receive the registration documents for your online store, you need to register with the tax office. Preliminary, you should choose a taxation system. To do this, you need to know roughly about your future income, as well as the number of people who will work for you.

Then you need to submit the following documents to the tax service:

  • a statement on the conduct of entrepreneurial activities "under the Unified Tax";
  • a statement in the form of F.5-OPP;
  • an extract of the registration of a physical person-entrepreneur;
  • copies of the passport and identification code;
  • income accounting book.

Soon you will receive "Certificate of the payer of the Single tax". Also, you will be provided with the requisites for payment of this tax.

Online Registration

Online Registration

Obtaining a digital signature. Before you start registering a physical person-entrepreneur via the Internet, you will need to receive an electronic digital signature. To do this, visit the key certification center. Do not forget to bring your documents (passport and identification code), as well as a USB flash drive. Flash drive is useful for you to carry your electronic signature.

In addition, you will need photocopies of your passport and identification code, an agreement on the provision of electronic digital signature services, an application for the design of an electronic digital signature. The contract will be given to you in the key certification center, it will only need to be completed.

Making an electronic signature is fast enough, so it does not take much of your time. Typically, 10 minutes or slightly more. The cost of registration is also small - about 2 UAH.

Definition of a code of economic activity on CCE. As mentioned above, it is necessary to determine the code according to CCE. For registration via the Internet this is also relevant. Do not forget about it and try not to be mistaken.

Registration of an individual entrepreneur. After all the preliminary preparations, proceed directly to the registration. You can do this on the website of the Ministry of Justice and on the iGov portal.

On the website of the Ministry of Justice, you need to go to the electronic services office. Select the section "The Registrar of Legal Awareness of Physical Assumptions and Predictions".

Then select the item "Application for the holder of the legal entity's legal signature". After - register your account. Enter it. Fill out the application. Sign it with an electronic signature. Send. The application will be processed within 24 hours. After that, you will be able to download a document confirming your registration of a private entrepreneur. If necessary, you can send a request for a paper to be sent to you by mail.

As for the registration of an individual entrepreneur on the iGov website, it is not yet available in all regions of the country. It can be carried out by such an algorithm. Go to "Service to business". And then click on the link "Derzhavna reestraziya fizichnoi osobi-pіdpriemtsya". Complete the registration by filling in all the required items.

However, even when registering business over the Internet, you will have to go to the tax inspection. There it is necessary to issue a book of income. To do this, you need the following documents:

  • income accounting book;
  • passport and identification code;
  • an extract of registration of a physical person-entrepreneur (in paper or electronic form).

How to register an Ltd.

How to register an Ltd.

Before proceeding with the registration of a limited liability company, it is necessary to solve a few key points. Consider them in the form of step by step instructions.

Step # 1: think up the name of your online store, which will be indicated in the documents. You can choose it at your discretion. Of course, experts recommend choosing a "talking" name, so that customers immediately understand the direction of your online store. But the decision is still for you and your partners, if you have them.

Step # 2: Identify the legal address of your online store. The legal address is the head office. It is for him to register a limited liability company.

Step # 3: Determine who will be your partners. This is necessary if you are going to own a business together with other people. The founders can be no more than 100 people. This moment is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Step # 4: draft the company's charter. It is very important to form an authorized fund, since it is impossible to create a limited liability company without it. Remember that the charter must be notarized.

Step No. 5: Select the type of economic activity for CCE. The algorithm is the same as when choosing for registration of an individual entrepreneur.

Registration of Ltd

After preparation, you can directly register a limited liability company. Then visit the tax office and the Pension Fund. Choose the type of taxation.

When the registration is completed and the documents confirming it are received, you only need to make a seal and open a bank account of the enterprise.


Open our online store

What form of registration to choose, it's up to you. Thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons. Of course, opening FLP is much easier, but if you plan to build a big business, it's better to spend time and open an LLC.

Also do not forget that every year the laws are amended. Therefore, all information should be clarified in the appropriate authorities. You will be told in detail what to do and in what order. There you can find out the actual list of necessary documents.

If you still can not decide which form of registration to choose for your business, then use the help of specialists. In this matter, lawyers or accountants are competent.

However, in order to make an online store for documents, it must first be created. And in this difficult matter you will be happy to help specialists of NeoSeo! They will fully develop an optimized technical site filling, and also create an adaptive design. Buyers will be happy to come to your online store, and your products are in great demand!


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