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Service Integration of an online store on OpenCart with TorgSoft

Based on the number of orders for integration with CRM and reviews of grateful Customers, we can say with confidence: if you have not yet integrated your online store with TorgSoft, then either you have a lot of time or you have not yet found a specialist whom you could entrust this task.

Order synchronization of the online store on OpenCart with the TorgSoft program in the NeoSeo web studio. Our experts will do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Stages of setting up site integration with TorgSoft web studio NeoSeo

Since most of the work depends on the requirements of the Client, which he indicates in the brief, it is difficult to describe in detail all the steps for setting up integration with TorgSoft. The filling of the brief is the first and most important stage in synchronizing the online store with CRM. The functionality of integration will depend on what the Client indicates in the list of tasks.

Directly setting up integration with Torgsoft takes place in several stages:

  1. Module installation.
  2. Module setup. It is carried out in strict accordance with the TorgSoft side of the upload format.
  3. Upload settings. It is carried out on the side of TorgSoft and includes 3 steps:
  • setting FTP upload to the store server of the upload file;
  • specifying a link to start the exchange;
  • after uploading the file to the server, a link is launched to start processing the file on the side of the online store.

The module allows you to upload orders to the server. When connected to the Torgsoft program, it independently picks up files with orders via an FTP connection. But it is impossible to unload goods from Torgsoft, but the functionality is available:

  • search - you can search for products by code from TorgSoft or by article number;
  • further update the goods in the store. Will be updated cost, promotional prices, balances, options and related options.
  1. Setting the exchange format on the side of Torgsoft. This task is performed by the program specialist according to the template provided by us.

This is the main list of stages for providing integration services with TorgSoft. You can find out the actual cost of the service on the page: ttps: // And if you want to expand the functionality, then, accordingly, it will take more time.

If you want the integration to be done on time, in a quality manner and in the future everything worked smoothly, contact the NeoSeo web studio. We are always happy to help you.