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Installation and configuration of the module "NeoSeo Customer Orders" for OpenCart


  1. Installing “NeoSeo Orders by Customer" for OpenCart
  2. Setting up the “NeoSeo Buyer Orders" module for OpenCart

2.1. Configuring basic module parameters

  1. Module output

1. Installing the “NeoSeo Buyer Orders module for OpenCart

To install the module “NeoSeo Orders by customer” for OpenCart you need:

  1. Install module files on the site in any convenient way. We recommend that you copy the module files to the root directory of the site using ftp, and not the installation manager in the site's administrative zone.
  2. Go to the site admin panel and select “Modules/Extensions”->”Modules/Extensions”:  
  3. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Orders by customer” and click “Install/Activate”:  
  4. Go to “Modules/Extensions”->”Modifiers” and in the window that opens, click the “Update” button:  
  5. This completes the installation of the module and you can proceed to editing the module settings.

2. Setting up the "NeoSeo Orders by Customer" module for OpenCart

To edit module settings, go to the site's admin panel and select “Modules/Extensions”->”Modules/Extensions”. In the list of modules for OpenCart that opens, select “NeoSeo Orders by Customer" and click on the “Edit” button:  

After that, a window for editing the module settings will appear on the screen:  

2.1. Configuring the main module parameters

Tab “Options” designed to configure just one parameter:

Status. Switch to enable or disable the module.  

Tab “Logs” is intended to enable debug mode. Logging is disabled by default.  

The “Useful Links” tab contains links to Instructions for the module, change history of the module, and frequently asked questions.  < img alt="" src="/image/catalog/mod-new/lil8.png" style="margin: 10px; width: 898px; height: 415px;" />

On the “License” tab, you need to:

Insert the license key in field 1.

2 Click Save.  

As a result, the license tab should look like this:  

3. Module output

To see the history of a product, go to the section

1 “Customers” – 2 ”Buyers” and select the edit button on the desired customer 3.  

The history of orders for a product can be viewed on the tab of the same name: