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Imagine that all site data for several years, which bring orders to your online store, suddenly disappear irretrievably. Such a cause could be a virus, server error and other, not the most pleasant moments. Therefore, we recommend making a backup copy of the site at least once a week. But, in order to save yourself from unnecessary duties, you can install on the site a module for saving backup copies of the site and quickly recovering all data from it. This module works offline and does not require your constant attention.

At the appointed time, it will save a backup copy of the entire site (files and database) to the specified source:

  • Yandex disk;
  • Google Drive;
  • FTP server;
  • Dropbox

There is also an option to duplicate the saved data to your personal e-mail.

Module features:

  • create backup copies of the site on a schedule;
  • notification of the creation of an e-mail;
  • exclusion of unnecessary tables in the database or directory of the site from the copied files;
  • the ability to limit the number of copies stored on the copy storage resource;
  • managing the limit of saved copies;
  • the ability to exclude from the backup directory;
  • the ability to exclude unloaded database tables from a backup.

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