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Autodetection of currency, language and customer location by GeoIp - Module for OpenCart 3.0

Version 5

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

The NeoSeo GeoIp module will allow you to determine the location of a visitor to your site and, depending on its region, provide buyers with various promotions and discounts on the goods of your store.

After installing the module and activating it when logging in to the site, the visitor will see a window prompting him to indicate his region, or agree to an automatically determined

This notification will only be the first time a visitor is logged in, it will no longer be displayed when navigating the site.

When you click on the "Select" button, the visitor will be prompted to select the region in which he / she is located.

Once selected, its region and buyer group will be changed.

If a visitor is already registered on the site, they will be selected by a group of buyers from the profile. Changing the region will not change the current group.

Buyers from a non-matching region will be assigned a default group in the Buyer Group settings.

Buyers who have not been able to determine the region, for example a VPN is used or a proxy will be assigned to the default group.

Additional module benefits
  1. The module is easy to operate.
  2. The interface is as simple and convenient as possible.
  3. The module requires only initial setup, all further work of the module is fully automatic.
  4. The module allows you to easily and quickly identify the region of the buyer on the site and provide him with suitable offers.
  5. There is an opportunity for the visitor to change his / her region in the event that his / her definition is incorrect.
  6. The module uses a free and accurate base to determine the region by IP address from Maxmind.
  7. You can map regions to buyer groups on a site, and buyers from specific regions will receive a designated buyer group. Depending on the group of buyers, you can display different prices for different regions, or provide discounts.
  8. The GeoIp database can always be kept up to date with the upgrade feature.

This module works on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please come here

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